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Hong Kong server bandwidth is not enough? Can you upgrade the bandwidth?

2018-01-29 11:42:44

with the diversification of Internet application, the application has higher requirement to the server, in Hong Kong as an overseas server, a trusted by most of domestic users, not only is Hong Kong server room's geographical position is superior, the Hong Kong computer access line also is very steady and fast.

but with the Hong Kong server lease is becoming more and more popular, more and more problems are highlighted.Hong Kong server with less bandwidth, among them, to set up video, download, and e-commerce sites for higher bandwidth requirements of webmaster, asked one of the most problem is the Hong Kong server can be upgraded to rent?

in fact, in general, the Hong Kong server is not support the bandwidth upgrade.At present most of the Hong Kong server USES is 1 m, 3 m, 5 m size, such as the default bandwidth does not support the bandwidth of the late updates.Small make up the main analysis, may have the following three main reasons.

1, now most of the Hong Kong room by using the network line may also is used, so the size of the bandwidth are fixed.Once server stores in Hong Kong, then USES the default bandwidth size, late changes should be difficult, unless laid some of the larger bandwidth of the circuit.But for Hong Kong room, may not to one, two, ten users to lay new line, after all costs too much.

2, the Hong Kong server basic it is to use the international bandwidth, is take the international routes, bandwidth is relative shortage of resources, but the price is relatively cheap.At present most of the host adopt this way, in order to control costs, so before you rent the server in Hong Kong, Hong Kong room international bandwidth size has been set up, not easily upgrade late change.

3, the Hong Kong server lease price is influenced by many factors, including bandwidth is one of them.Server bandwidth for Hong Kong price influence is very big still, if the upgrade bandwidth, so will greatly promote Hong Kong server rental prices, there are many users need to pay the high cost because of upgrade bandwidth and had to give up to upgrade.In view of this situation to consider and to raise their Hong Kong server market competitiveness of products, most of the host are not launch a bandwidth upgrade services.,

at present, our common type of Hong Kong server lease bandwidth basically has the following kinds:

the first, direct Chinese backbone lines

the exclusive lines, namely common is CN2 network recently, it is a special network line from Hong Kong to the mainland, no longer need to international network from China's entrance into the three network, so the mainland access speed is the fastest.This way is direct China international bandwidth backbone line, with less nodes, line loss small, access, stability, speed, etc.

the second, direct Chinese man,

this type of bandwidth is relatively cheap, basic it is around Taiwan, Japan and other places, to access the local closer to man.The lack of this connection is that in addition to access to the area access speed, still can be in other parts of the access speed is not ideal, more limitations.

lines the third, international bandwidth is international bandwidth, this can only be back to the long way home, the network is relatively slow, lease price is cheaper.It also said, now we rented Hong Kong independent server is using this kind of broadband access.

Hong Kong bandwidth local line

Hong Kong local line, can only meet local access requirements, basic cannot be access in other areas, so this kind of line Hong Kong server bandwidth can only to a Hong Kong local users, of course, if your site visitors community mainly in Hong Kong, also can rent Hong Kong local bandwidth of the server.

now a lot of stationmaster in renting server in Hong Kong, the lease price as the primary factor, other factors such as the bandwidth of the often ignored.However, some illegal host exactly is to make use of this kind of mentality, everybody confused bandwidth, the difference between the Shared bandwidth as exclusive bandwidth to promotion and use.So many users often feel Hong Kong server access speed slow, actually this and bandwidth are related.

so rented server must choose normal host in Hong Kong.At the same time, before renting, according to the scale of its own website to decide whether to use what size of bandwidth, server does not support the bandwidth upgrade, after all, Hong Kong, if a bad impact on web site access due to lack of bandwidth is in trouble.However, due to Hong Kong from the mainland, now 5 m and 10 m bandwidth should be enough for everyone to use, of course, is enough to rent the server.


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