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How Routing Technology Enters Cisco Router Configuration Mode

2018-06-11 11:49:41

The cisco router's command line port uses a hierarchical structure. This structure requires login to different modes to complete detailed configuration tasks. From a security perspective, ciscoIOS software divides EXEC sessions into USER mode and privileged mode.

User mode features:

User mode allows only basic monitoring commands. In this mode, the configuration of the router cannot be changed. The command prompt of the router> user is in USER. Mode.

Privileged mode features:

The mode can use all the configuration commands. In the user mode, the access mode generally requires a password. The router# command prompt means the user is at the In mode.

cisco router configuration mode

User mode generally allows only the user to display the router's information and cannot change any router's settings. To use all the commands, you must enter the mode. In the mode, you can also enter the global mode and other special configuration modes. These special modes are a subset of the global mode.

How to enter the mode

How to enter the router setup When the first launch is successful, the cisco router will show the user mode prompt router>. If you want to enter the mode, type the enable command (password is not required when starting the router for the first time). At this point, the router's command prompt becomes router#.

How to enter the global mode

After entering the mode, we can enter the configure terminal command at the command prompt to perform the global configuration mode.

How to enter port configuration mode

Type intecee0 at the global command prompt to enter the first Ethernet port, and type inteceserial0 to enter the first serial line port.

The above briefly describes how to enter various configuration modes of the Cisco router. Of course, other special configuration modes can be entered through the global mode. During the configuration process, we can use? Get help with the command.

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