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How to Find the Router's Non-Default IP Address

2018-07-30 10:24:39

Usually we all know the default login address of the router, then how to find the IP address of the modified router? Here are a few ways to help you solve this problem:

First, if the router has a DHCP function, use your computer to automatically obtain an IP address, and then use ipconfig in CMD mode to see the router address. .

Router ip II. The router does not have DHCP function. Searching for an IP scanning software on the Internet can generally scan out the IP in the LAN, the corresponding MAC address of the IP, and find the same as the router. Look at the network name and find it the same as your router brand.

Three, since we know the default address of the router, then reset it, most of the routers have a reset button, press and hold for 5 seconds on it, and some routers must first power off Press and hold the reset contact for 5 seconds. Look at your router specifically, after reset, the router address is the factory address.

Fourth, use HyperTerminal to connect router, restart router can see IP in HyperTerminal.

Finding the router's IP address is relatively simple and can be done in many ways.

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