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How to Use Broadband Routers

2018-05-17 15:12:30

The vast majority of broadband routers are fool-proof products, but for some newcomers to the network, they should still pay attention to the following aspects.

I. Connection to a Computer or Switch

The Broadband Router's LAN port can be connected either directly to a computer or to a hub device (hub or switch); connection hubs Devices and computers should use different twisted pairs, otherwise it will cause connectivity problems. Normally, a straight-through cable is used to connect the computer, and a cross-connect line should be used to connect the hub devices (except for the connection to the Uplink port).

If there are fewer computers, you can connect them all to the LAN port. If you have a large number of computers, you can connect LAN ports to hub devices to provide more computers with Internet connection sharing.

II. MAC Address Binding

Some broadband providers bind the MAC address on the authentication server in order to access the number of users. You can first connect the computer to which the MAC address is bound to the LAN port, and then use the MAC address cloning function to copy the MAC address of the network card to the WAN port of the broadband router so that the Internet connection of the entire network can be shared.

3. Automatic disconnection.

You should set the waiting time for automatic disconnection. That is, when there is no Internet access request within the specified time, the router can automatically cut off the ADSL connection, thus saving Access fee.

Using time-based charge rates, the router settings are connected on demand, and Internet connections are established only when the user makes an Internet request.

Fourth, connection with ADSL Modem

The connection between ADSL Modem and the broadband router should use direct line. When using a broadband router for Internet connection sharing, ADSL Modem must use an Ethernet interface and connect to a WAN port. ADSL Modem with USB interface cannot connect with broadband router.

V. DHCP and IP Address Pool

By default, the Broadband Router has DHCP enabled, which means that computers in the network only need to select the option to automatically obtain IP address information. Assign an IP address via DHCP.

(1) When ADSL is used to access the Internet, VPI and VCI values ​​often need to be set. These values ​​can be queried to the broadband provider.

How to use a router? (2) When using a broadband access method for a cell, it is necessary to ensure that the internal IP address assigned by DHCP and the IP address used by the cell are in different network segments.

(3) When the Broadband Router uses a static IP address, in addition to the IP address and subnet mask that must be assigned, specify the IP address of the DNS and the default gateway, and set the DNS of the Broadband Router. Turn energy.

Usually, as long as the user understands some computer knowledge, simply look at the usage instructions and you will be able to complete the Internet connection and achieve Internet sharing.

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