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How to configure the wireless router and how to set it

2018-05-17 09:32:49


Actually, during the actual measurement process, any of the previously mentioned methods can be used to improve your wireless network, so ordinary users can use it without worry.

In addition, if you use some public wireless networks in public places such as airports and conference rooms, be sure to remember to turn off your own document and print sharing functions because such shared documents are easily shared by the same LAN. Is accessed by another client within.

Method 3:

I. Preliminary setup of wireless parameters

You can see from the setting bar of the management interface that this wireless broadband router has more than one item. In addition to the wireless settings, other settings are the same as the routing products of the same level. The setting methods are also the same, so this article only explains the wireless settings section. Like the TP-LINK

R4x0 series broadband routers, the initial setup of the Internet connection can use the Setup Wizard, where the setup parameters are all but one of the "wireless settings" (Figure 2). Same as R410.

Where "wireless function" can determine whether the function of its AP is enabled. "SSID number" is also abbreviated as ESSID, which is the AP's identification character, and sometimes translated as "service set identifier or service area identifier". It is used as an authentication identifier for accessing this wireless network (conceivable in Windows file sharing. Workgroup name). When a wireless client wants to join this wireless network, it must have the same SSID number, or it will be “outside the door”. This item defaults to TP-LINK, which is changed to an uncommon name and can be used as the simplest security measure, when

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