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How to prevent hackers from accessing the router password

2018-07-02 15:36:05

Q: How should I change my router password? What is the best practice to defend against router passwords?

A: The two basic rules for router passwords are: Always change the default password for the new router and log in to the router only through secure and encrypted connections.

Hackers not only know all the default passwords for common routers on the market, they also upload these passwords to the site. If you think this is not the first step of their router, then don't change the default password and see what happens.

And of course, use strong passwords -- not dictionary words, which are at least eight digits long, including uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. Also, make sure to use different passwords on different systems. If you use the same password on the network, it will receive it. Then what? The entire network will be affected (more computer learning, basic computer knowledge, go to computer knowledge network).

As for encrypted connections, you can only use SSH and other protocols, it can create a secure router connection. Protocols and services such as Telnet and TFTP are not encrypted, so they are very vulnerable. The bad thing on the router is that it allows the transmission of user IDs and passwords, and it can be easily detected.

How to change the router password Cisco router password

On the other hand, Cisco's IOS has two methods for encrypting passwords in the configuration file, and these configuration files are stored on the router. Cisco can store passwords in configuration files in three ways: inscriptions, Vignere encryption, and MD5 hashing algorithms. Vignere is a weaker encryption algorithm than MD5, and unlike MD5 it is reversible, which means it can be cracked.

The Cisco router has three commands for encrypting passwords: service password encryption, activation password, and activation secret. The first method uses Vignere encryption, while the other two use MD5 hash encryption. Activation of secret commands is a newer feature in Cisco routers that is more powerful than activating passwords. The activation password command can only maintain backward compatibility, while the service password encryption, although weaker, some older network protocols still require its compatibility.

These commands also allow passwords to be set and encrypted at different levels of access, depending on the administrator's rights to employees.

Router Password If possible, use the Cisco Encryption command. There are a large number of detailed documents on Cisco's website. If you are using another brand of router, you need to SSH or other encrypted connection.

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