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How to put the best wireless router antenna, wireless router antenna placement

2018-03-02 12:21:35

and wifi signal is not good, sometimes not router quality has a problem, but because wireless router antenna is put in the right position.So, how to put the best wireless router antenna?Here are analyze.How to put the best

wireless router antenna?

a, selection of the router is placed

although the WiFi signal can pass away, can reach more than 50 meters in theory, but its penetration ability of the wall is very poor, and is easy to interference, narrow space and keep out will affect the WiFi signal transmission.If, in the room there is a position relatively empty, it couldn't be better.

second, the router also had better not put on the ground, because a lot of router antenna to a certain extent can launch signal down, and place your router's higher transmission efficiency will be higher.

in addition, the wireless router WiFi signal, is vulnerable to the interference of electric equipment such as TV, microwave oven, so it's best to also do not put in the bottom of the TV cabinet or nearby.

as a result, in the home to install the router, it is best not to put too short or closed places (such as the ground or cabinets), don't be placed in TV, microwave ovens and other vulnerable to interference of electric appliance, should be placed where the surrounding is empty, is conducive to improve Wifi signal intensity and coverage.

(2) wireless router antenna put skills

now, a lot of wireless routers usually have two, three, even four or five root, for this kind of antenna router, antenna and how to properly put?

if only 2 wireless router wireless antenna, the antenna is recommended for a stand, a sideways.

, of course, also can be this way under the multiple perspectives, anyhow the best router antenna, antenna should be point in different directions, rather than in the same direction.

router antenna put correct posture

if it is more than three or four antenna router, the router's antenna can be horizontal, vertical feed, oblique Angle direction combination, don't put all the antenna pointing to the same location, so that we can more effectively covering space, improve the WiFi coverage and signal strength.

because when the mobile phone or computer Wifi antenna and router parallel, reception is the best.Generally speaking, the laptop Wifi antenna is mostly flat, while mobile phone depends entirely on how you took it, adjust the antenna direction, mobile phone is easier to get a stronger signal.

above is what I bring wireless router antenna how to put the best, hope to help you.

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