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How to set the phone wlan hot? Mobile wlan hot steps

2018-03-01 11:58:18

Today we are going to meet the mobile wlan hotspot, as long as there is traffic on the phone, you can open the phone wlan hotspot for many people use your traffic.Since open mobile wlan hotspot let others use can let oneself use the flow of other people.So the wlan hotspot is a more magical function.Now a lot of mobile phones have wlan hotspot this functionality, is one of the basic functions of the phone.Below we understand mobile phone wlan hotspot is how to return a responsibility?

what is mobile phones wlan hot

so-called wlan hotspot, also is to the Internet to share with other devices have wlan function.Handheld devices can be used as a wireless router device, wireless network to broadcast, and the other have wlan function to receive the equipment.Handheld devices will use the data online (3 g/GPRS) to perform this function.Please note that the network operator may charge additional data services.Hot set

if you want to share the Internet with have Wlan function of the equipment is used, please be sure to open the phone Wlan hotspot functionality.In the main screen, press menu →Set up →Wireless and network, check the portable wlan hotspot.If you want to change the network name and protect the safety of online, please click on the portable wlan hot Settings.After finish the installation, the handheld device will begin to spread his name of wlan network broadcasting, then can connect up to 8 devices.If you want to stop sharing the Internet online, please uncheck the portable wlan hotspot.


wlan is simply a wireless local area network (LAN), wireless local area network (LAN) is what?The meaning of wlan is a wireless local area network (LAN), wireless local area network (LAN) is a kind of extension of fixed local area network (LAN)., there is no limit to the cable network connection., is completely transparent to users. With the wired LAN.Flexibility and mobility, simple peer-to-peer technology, infrastructure network with distributed data connection and roaming, comparable to wired LAN function, but without the restrictions of cables, effective LAN effective extension of your mobile phone can connected to the Internet, access to the Internet via your mobile phone as a tool, at the same time you of cellular phone wifi is a wireless ap, launch the wireless signal, other devices can go online after the password link.


1: need to be online (GPRS / 3 g) mobile Internet, can use this service.Your network operator may charge GPRS / 3 g use.

2: this function requires GPRS / 3 g to normal operation, and use will shorten the handset battery using time.

3: all applications that give priority to the bottom left corner of the square picture shown, open the application menu at the mobile phone.

mobile wlan hotspot functionality above we have introduced a lot of, for this mobile phones function of wlan hotspot now many have friends are aware of.Now people have the need to open the cell phone wherever to wlan hotspot, it is necessary.And open mobile wlan hot most likely can let oneself reduce the consumption of a lot of traffic, so the wlan hotspots in this era is very popular now.Mobile wlan hotspot is introduced here, hope to help everyone.

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