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How to set the router IP address

2018-08-06 10:35:33

I. Automatically setting the IP address and using the DHCP server function

DHCP is a special function of the router. Using the DHCP function can avoid errors caused by manually setting the IP address and subnet mask.

(1) Click "Control Panel" in the "Start" button, open "Network Connections" in the "Control Panel" window, right-click "Local Area Connection", select "Properties" option, In the Properties dialog box, double-click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), click Obtain an IP address automatically, and click OK;

192.168.1(2) Click the "DHCP Server" option on the left side of the router management interface. In the "DHCP Settings" window that appears, single Click the "Enable" button. The 4th segment of the "Address Pool Start Address" and "Address Pool End Address" options IP addresses is the part that the user can input arbitrarily. We can enter 100, 200 respectively (note that the input start address must be less than the end address, and the start address can not be 0,1, the end address can not be 255);

(3) Click "Save" button after setting. Turn off the computer and router, disconnect the power and turn it on again, and then start the computer again.

Second, manually set the IP address to resolve

(1) Click on the "Control Panel" in the "Start" button, in the "Control Panel" window, open the "Network Connection", Right-click Local Area Connection, select Properties, and in the Properties dialog box, double-click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP);

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