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How to set up a router on the phone

2018-07-30 10:52:32

How do I set up a router for a mobile phone?

If it is a new router, if it is installed for the first time, only smart routers are currently available to support the use of a mobile phone to complete the setup. Ordinary routers cannot complete router Internet access settings through a mobile phone.

Intelligent routers are now becoming popular. Usually routers have an APP client. You only need to download and install the client on your phone, and then you can wirelessly complete the router setup. Different smart routers, mobile phone settings are also different, and interested friends, you can specifically look at the relevant intelligent router settings tutorial.

How to log in

To access the router management interface, the smartphone must meet the following two conditions:

< p> 1, smart phones must have been connected to the wireless router wireless network;

2, must know the wireless router management account and password;

Mobile phone login method

I. First, you need to make sure that your smartphone is connected to the wireless network where the wireless router is located and you can access the Internet normally. You can view it in the phone settings, WLAN wireless LAN settings, as shown below.

Note: Some wireless routers may have a default login address < u> or other unclear friends, please check the nameplate label at the bottom of the router.

Third, after logging in using the router management account and password, open the management interface and login to in the computer is the same. Because the screen of the mobile phone is smaller, it looks like the interface is too small. We can put the phone horizontally so that we can see it clearly, as shown in the figure below.

After the phone lands on, it can be wireless The router is set up, including modifying the wireless password and changing the router password. The operation and computer login method is the same as setting the setting.

The method of setting up the router for mobile phone login is introduced here. If it is a smart router, then everyone can directly use the APP login management. Ordinary router users can also open 192.168 in the mobile browser. 1.1 Log in. The operation after login is the same as in the computer.

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