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How to set up firewall access to the Internet, firewall settings Internet access

2018-02-28 13:33:24

computers in our life can no longer ordinary.Because in our work, it is very common in our daily life and study.And to our work, study help is very big.Especially when it comes to work, the computer has the effect is very good.Most in the use of computers is very familiar with.In respect of computer Settings is not familiar with.Especially computer firewall Settings, never even heard of firewall to some friends, then small make up will give you a detailed introduction on how to set the firewall can surf the Internet.I hope we share to be of service.

how to set up the firewall to

in the first place, online through "The control panel "--"System and security "--"Firewall ", find the firewall Settings.

the second step, the firewall Settings to find "Allow applications to Windows firewall Settings "Inside, this option, and allows the application of speak "The core network "Change to an open front (mentioned above).

the third step, find the firewall Settings "Check the firewall status "And find "Enable or shut down Windows firewall "And will "To stop all incoming connections, including in the permit applications list throughout the application &;The checkmark removed.These after

, check the computer networking, hee hee, even on the Internet.What's firewall

so-called firewall is a made up by software and hardware equipment, between Intranet and extranet, private network and the structure of the interface between public protection barrier. It is a kind of Security methods for image, it is a combination of computer hardware and software, set up a Security between the Internet and Intranet Gateway (Security Gateway), so as to protect the Intranet from the invasion of the illegal user, the firewall is mainly composed of service access rules, a verification tools, packet filter and application Gateway of four parts, a firewall is a located in the network of the computer and it is connected between the software or hardware.The computer flows in all of the network communication and data packets are going through the firewall.

the role of firewall

after small make up for the introduction of firewall, believe that for some function of firewall everyone to understand somewhat, so there are some other role, everyone see below small make up one by one to clean out:


firewall network security barrier can greatly enhance the security of computer network, the filter some unsafe factors, so as to improve the security of the computer.Firewall can prevent some failed to pass the application protocol software, this will become more safe network environment.

2 through

2, strengthening network security policy security scheme for the center with the firewall configuration, can will all security software (such as passwords, encryption, authentication, auditing, etc.) in the firewall configuration.And scatter network security problem compared to the host, concentration of firewall security management more economical.In network access, for example, once a secret password system and other finishing of identity authentication system can need not scattered in various host, and focused on a firewall.


computer monitoring network access and access some of the practical situation will be monitoring, firewall and firewall can timely make some logging, and at the same time can provide practical situation of network statistics.When found to action, the firewall can timely alarm processing, and provide some data for analysis.If there is a piece of case, then we can also through a firewall back in time.Placed inside information leaked firewall


4, more than is to prevent external adverse information flows, but also to prevent internal the important information obtained by others.So greatly protect the privacy of the user, but you also can't fully trust, still need to save in his own personal insurance in the U disk or hard disk.More than

is that we give you a detailed introduction about how to set up the computer firewall can surf the Internet, and computer firewall unfamiliar friends must pay more attention to our share.And computer on the Internet firewall can effectively intercept the unsafe network into our computer.And how to firewall Settings are not correct it will lead to the normal network unable to connect, and that our methods of computer firewall Settings to share is very detailed, hope that we can share to help more people know how to set up the computer firewall.

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