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How to set up router backup settings

2018-06-11 15:57:39

Today, this site Xiaobian find a router that can be said to be very useful, "Router backup" is a feature that is not used often, in fact, this feature is a very useful feature, this article to TPLink wireless router as an example Tell everyone if you use a router's backup. < p> TP-Link router backup tutorial

Step 1: Log into the router background management interface, the specific method is in the browser URL, enter, and then press Car key opens, then enter the router login account and password, as shown below.

Router Login

Step 2: After entering the TP-Link router background setting interface, we click on "System Tools" at the bottom of the left menu, and then expand the menu, click to enter "Backup and Backup". In the configuration & rdquo;, then you can see the router configuration interface on the right, as shown below:

Backup and Load Configuration Settings

Step 3: Next in the backup operation shown on the right, Click "“ backup configuration file", then a dialog box will pop up to save the file, we click Save As, as shown below:

Step 4: The last step is to customize the router Backup file save path, we can prevent in an easy-to-find place, such as saved to the E drive, and the file name can also be changed to your favorite name, such as computer Pepsi network router backup, as shown below.

at the computer E drive can see the router configuration file we just backed up. If you want to reset the router and you do not want to reset the router, you can enter the router management interface to restore, so that you can easily set up the router. Router backup tutorial basically see here I believe everyone should be used, this feature is more suitable for computer migration, more suitable for rookie and lazy people when the router can restore the backup you can not have excellent Internet access

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