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How to set up the router can increase the speed of the Internet map

2018-06-01 15:34:02

How to set up a router to increase the speed of the Internet? The speed of the router's access to the Internet, a friend, said that in order to save space, their company switched to wireless Internet access. However, since the use of wireless Internet access, old web pages have not been opened for a long time. How to set up a router can increase the speed of Internet access?

A look at their company, huh, huh, although there are not many computers in their office, there are two laptops purchased in previous years, and the built-in network card is 802.11b standard. If the wireless standard selects the mode of how the 802.11b/g/n hybrid mode sets up the router, according to the downward compatibility mechanism of the wireless network standard, when the 802.11n wireless router encounters the 802.11b wireless network adapter, it will automatically slow down (802.11b). Specification 11Mbps level) to achieve maximum compatibility.

Knowing where the problem is concerned is handled. The best solution is to directly bring a 802.11b wireless network card to the notebook with an additional 802.11g wireless network card, such as the model JCGJWL- The N112R wireless network card can be used at high speed in this situation. Of course, for maximum compatibility, the router settings can be set to “hybrid mode”. The specific settings are as follows. Take JCGJHR-N916RS as an example.

1. First enter the background of the wireless router and select “ Advanced Settings"

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