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How to solve the router DNS setup failure

2018-05-17 14:06:25

This article mainly introduces how to solve the problem when router DNS settings are faulty. Hopefully, through the following introduction, everyone can gain something.

I. Symptoms

The network is not normal. I feel that the Internet is slow and intermittent. It is very slow to open the computer and it is like a broken line. I cannot access the server. .

II. Failure Analysis

The equipment discovered by the VPN was connected to the switch port of the router. Because no interface was temporarily connected to the switch port of the router, it may be the route forwarding of this device. Packets and routing forwarding paths conflict with each other, causing route resolution to be abnormal.

3. Troubleshooting

(1) Using a network cable to connect the VPN to the switch, the failure of the broken network is resolved, but the Internet access is still very slow. It is the first time to log in to the website. It takes 5-10 seconds to wait, and the second time you open the same page is much faster. However, opening a lower webpage or other webpage is still very slow. After checking the routing list, all the domain name resolutions have been forwarded, and the domain name resolution is normal. Only the ping of some web sites has a long delay.

(2) At this time we need to open the DNS proxy service on the intranet interface and use the following command:

1. First, change one of the first four ports of the router to a route. Ports

2, intere0/2e0/2 is the port number you want to change portmoderoute

This allows you to configure the port routing function dnsresolve.

(3) Configure the ports of the intranet through WEB mode. At this time, in the WEB configuration interface, find the interface configuration - WAN interface settings and four WAN interfaces will appear. In this case, the configuration is the same as the configuration of the external network port, and the IP is set for the intranet port. Address, DNS server of the external network. After the setting is completed, the Internet test is performed again. At this time, the fault disappears and the Internet speed is normal.

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