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How to use a wireless router to teach you how to set up a wireless router

2018-05-31 12:01:22

3. Setting to complete restarting the wireless router

Next enter the wireless settings, set the SSID name, this item defaults to the router model, this is just the name of the device displayed in the search, can be based on you Change your own preferences for easy search. The rest of the setting options can be based on the system default, no need to change, but in the network security settings must set a password to prevent the network from being blocked. Settings are complete and click Next.

Wireless router setup method In general, as long as you are familiar with The above steps can already be said to understand how the wireless router is used. At this point, the wireless router's settings have been completed, the next thing to do is of course your wireless device, search for WIFI signal directly connected to wireless Internet access.

4. Searching for Wireless Signal Connections.

Next, let's briefly talk about the process of searching for connections.

Enable the wireless card, search for the WIFI signal, find the SSID name of the wireless router, and double-click the connection.


Summary: How to use a wireless router is a relatively common problem and a relatively simple problem. I believe that once you have had one experience, you can become a big god. Of course, the setting of a router is far more than these. For simple content, there are more setting options after logging in to the router setup page. Setting other options, such as binding mac address, IP address, firewall setting, etc., can make your wireless network more secure and prevent it from being dropped.


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