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How to use the router to control the Internet?

2018-05-17 14:27:51

Online control description

Many home users now use the same types of broadband Internet access provided by telecommunications ADSL or other companies. Because broadband is inexpensive and inexpensive, for most home users who do not have large amounts of data to download, it is a bit of a waste of resources for a single person or a computer to monopolize an ADSL. So many people now share a broadband Internet access.

This method of sharing Internet access is generally as follows: telephone lines - speech splitters - ADSL cats - broadband routers - switches, hubs - computers, in this case, I think through and In the experiment, I discovered that Internet access control can be implemented by setting appropriate settings for broadband routers. Here, the TP-LINK TL-R402M is used as an example to explain how to use the router to control the Internet.

Get the IP and MAC addresses of all users on the LAN.

There are many ways to obtain IP. It is recommended to use the "Local Area Network Viewer Tool".

Get MAC address method: WIN+R, enter CMD, use "NBTSTAT-AIP address"View

Get your computer IP and MAC method: WIN+R, Enter CMD, use "IPCONFIG/ALL" to view

Login to the Broadband Router

Open IE, enter (usually this... .), the login window will appear


Password:ADMIN (The default is this, generally do not change the drop... If it is changed, wait until I study How to crack, progress and then post

The router will appear after logging in.

Only allow your computer to access the Internet.

How to view router ip1 , Settings page - DHCP server - Static address assignment - Bind your own IP address and MAC address (enter and save)

2, Settings page - Security settings - Firewall settings - Select firewall, IP address filtering, MAC address filtering three options - "select" does not meet the established IP address Filtering rule packets through the router"and"Allow access to the Internet using the enabled MAC address in the set MAC address list"

3, Settings page--Security settings--IP address filtering - Add new entry - Fill in your IP address, and select to make all entries effective.

4, Settings page - Security settings - MAC address filtering - Add new entry - Put Fill in your MAC address, and choose to make all the entries take effect.

After this setting, no one can be connected to the external network except you, but the internal LAN can be accessed normally, and the Internet control is successfully implemented. .

Do not allow certain computers to access the Internet settings

1. Settings page--Security Settings--Firewall Settings--Select Firewall, MAC Address Filtering--" Set the enabled MAC address in the MAC address list to access the Internet"

2. Set the page--Security Settings--MAC Address Filtering--Add New Entry--fill in the MAC address of the computer on the Internet. And choose to make the entry into effect.

After the Internet control is set, the computers that are connected to the Internet will not be able to access the Internet, but the internal network can access them normally.

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