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How Tengda FH451 routers restrict web access by setting URL filtering

2018-01-09 12:41:16

how tengda FH451 router by setting the URL filtering limit web access?Take a look at below.

suitable router model: the F450 / F451 / F453 / Ff455 / F456 / FH450 / FH451

by setting the URL filter to limit the connected to the router under open web pages, by entering into the router management interface (in the address bar enter the default IP address:, in the security Settings - >URL filtering, set.

admin interface

you need to log into the router management interface to set up, at this point, you need a cable (wireless) connected to the router, input in the browser address bar to open the administrative interface.

limit set in

after login to the router management interface, in the security Settings URL filtering screen to realize the limit one condition:

IP address, on Monday to Friday at 8:30 18:00, only allow access to baidu, Google, tenda.,



limit set 2 is also in

 to implement in the security Settings URL filtering screen limit two conditions:

IP address:, on Saturday to Sunday 8:00 20:00, blocking access to youku, qq, renren.

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