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How a Wireless Router Opens a MAC Address Entry Management page

2018-02-12 17:04:52

your router Settings changed by others?Don't set the password safely?Teach you a recruit, only their designated equipment can login the router management page.The following TP - LINK of the router, for example, first open the router management page to find "Security features →LAN WEB management ", as shown in the figure below.

and then checked "Only allowed in the list of MAC address to access the WEB management page ", and add a mobile phone or computer's MAC address, the router can fill four most, also can choose the following "Current management PC's MAC address (current login management page device's MAC address) "Then can be added.

the last save, sure.Through the above steps set, can successfully open the router MAC address specified device to log into the router management page, which can effectively prevent the other user login the router management interface.

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