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How a router connects to a desktop computer

2018-01-09 12:38:13

how routers connected desktop computers?For that matter, actually very simple, today also share several desktop computer network router, by the way, by the way, will also introduce how the desktop computer wireless Internet access.The following to learn together.

how routers connected desktop computers?

in simple terms, is to use a network cable, RJ45 end in computer network card interface, the other end into the router LAN port.Note that desktop computers connected routers, can only be inserted into the router LAN port (general routers provide multiple LAN port), and cannot be inserted into the WAN port (only one router WAN, color will be different to a LAN port), the following is a common router interface diagram of meaning.

router and connect the cat equipment for home users, the connection between the cable diagram as shown in the figure below.Method is more than

desktop computer wiring routers, everyone can finish see this Mosaic above basic seconds to understand.For desktop computers in the home is far away from the router, or want to desktop PCS wireless Internet friend, only need to purchase a USB wireless network card inserted into the desktop computer port, and then install good driver, can wireless Internet access.

general usb wireless network card interface is a few yuan, also don't want the desktop computer connected Internet friend, might as well buy a wireless network card inserted into the desktop computer, like notebook wireless Internet experience.

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