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How are the routers connected to the cat and the computer and the router connection

2018-01-04 15:05:31

in the network so popular today, even more family will have a few computer use at the same time, not to mention the office space.When a lot of computer use at the same time, you need to connect the router and the cat, but a lot of friends may not know how to connect the router and the cat and the router and computer, so small make up today will give you a detailed explain how routers connected cat and computer, also answer netizens on routers and cat how to connect some doubt.Don't miss in need.

router how to connect the cat

first step: will the router's WAN cat's mouth and light either LAN interface to connect

the second step: Reset the router, items with a pin to press the Reset button on the router.

the third step: open the browser, in the address bar enter open the router's management interface, input account and password to login;Router to the default password is: admin lowercase

step 4: click the left menu function "Setup wizard ">Select Dynamic IP”Click next.

step 5: set the SSID and wireless password click next.Step 6:

click Complete ", the router will automatically restart.

step 7: after the restart, once again, log in to the router management point network parameters >LAN port Settings >Enter the IP address:, save

is the original changed in the new network segment, because telecommunications light cat in that segment, the router cannot be the same as the light cat.

how routers connected computer

the first step: set of cats.Telephone line inserted into the PHONE's mouth, one of the Internet line insert ENET mouth, and the power of the cat.

the second step: the router Settings.Insert the cable end of insert ENET mouth router WAN's mouth.And connect the router power supply.LAN1 - LAN4 is connected computer.Step 3:

will be another Internet line end insert LAN1.Step 4:

will insert LAN1 line at the other end of the network card inserted into the computer.Step 5:

router provides us with access address, username and initial password.Remember well, one would want to use.Step 8:

set the password for the wireless Internet access, this is to prevent others to share our network, network congestion.Each set out a point Save the effect ".Step 9:

opened the network setup step 10:

XP and Windows 7 is different, the computer technology BBS is introduced.Step 11:

local connection, right click, properties.Step 12:

XP is TCP/IP protocol.

10 steps: fill in the information such as IP address, can only fill in the preferred DNS server.Step 6:

in the IE address bar enter access address

step 7: enter the username and initial password.Above

is how to connect the cat and the computer the entire contents of the router, and finally to say small make up some matters needing attention, if certified accounts need to be configured on a cat, your router can be set directly into the LAN port cat automatically get the address, or static address.Then if verified account need certification on the router, only need to set into PPPOE mode, IT is ok to fill in the account password, want to know more information on attention let IT encyclopedia.

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