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How can a notebook connect to a broadband network

2018-01-08 12:14:12
How do you connect broadband network

laptop?This problem can be said to be a lot of friends are concerned, especially computer The small white "Gens, the method of notebook computer to connect to the Internet is very actually simple, basically see you what is the network, if is optical fiber, the cable connector directly into the interface of notebook computer above.But if is a dial-up or wireless network, you will need to use other methods.Follow below small make up of a simple introduction, go to know about the notebook how a broadband connection, so that everyone in the later operation more right.

because of the special line do not need to set up online, the setting parameters as long as the default (i.e., to automatically).If because of changes to the Settings before net friend, will the IP and DNS changed back "Automatic access "Can.How to set up the network connection in Windows 7:

1. "Start "Find the control panel menu, open the control panel in turn the "The network and Internet""Check the network status and tasks ".Thus opened the Windows 7 system "Network and sharing center ".

2. Click "Set up a new connection or network "In the new dialog box, select "Connect to the Internet""Broadband (PPPoE) ".

3. According to the family of broadband service providers to offer user name and password, to fill in the contents of the dialog box, including "The user name "And "Password ".Connection name users can use the system to provide the default name "Broadband connection ", can also be modified.

4. Click "The connection ", the system will automatically dial-up connection provided by the user's information, if the user name and password are no errors, network unobstructed, can be connected to the Internet.

network protocols installed:

open The network connection ".

2. Right-click to add a network component connection, and then click Properties throughout the &;.

3 if it is any

3. Perform the following operations: LAN connection, please click Installation ".If

is dial-up, VPN, or incoming connection, please Network "TAB, click Installation ".

4. In Select network component types "Dialog box, click the The client ", "Service "Or "Agreement ", and then click Add ".

5 if there is no any

5. Perform the following operations: component installation disk, then click on the appropriate client, service, or agreement, then click Identify ".

if you have the component installation disk, then click on the appropriate client, service, or agreement, click From the disk installation ", insert the setup disk into the selected drive, and then click Identify ".

if there is a connection lost or unable to connect to a wireless network, the possible reasons are:

1 has been disabled or not installed correctly at the wireless device

2. The wireless devices or router hardware failures,

3. A network configuration change (SSID or safety)

4. The interference of other wireless equipment

now in the Internet age, notebook computer has become a daily necessities, as more and more groups began using the notebook computer, let Notebook how broadband Internet connection?Throughout the &;This problem has become a more focused on information.Hope that through the above simple introduction, can let you people at the time of operation, can be more correct to connect, to obtain a stable, rapid and efficient transportation network, finally made in our work and life, are you more convenient and effective information.

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