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How can a notebook connect to a wireless router

2018-01-02 15:34:08

basic it bring notebook computers have WIFI card, so can be realized through a wireless router wireless Internet access.

laptop computers connected to the wireless router specific steps are as follows: first step:

laptops to connect to a wireless router, first make sure the router installed correctly, if the router is not installed correctly, please follow the steps below to router is installed.First, as shown in figure will connect the router.

the second step: in the browser input at the bottom of the router IP management, the plate of into the router's management interface.

the third step: enter the setup wizard, and set up according to clew, wireless broadband account information such as SSID, wireless password.Step 4:

router set up, can use a notebook to connect.First press Win + X button on the notebook, enter & otherWindows mobile center & throughout;To ensure the laptop wireless network has been opened.

step 5: click on the system tray at the lower area wireless icon, the computer will automatically search in the area of wireless network, double-click on your wireless router, and wireless password input connection can be realized.

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