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How can a router change IP, a wireless router for IP, a broadband user for IP, a detailed picture of

2018-02-06 12:07:48
wireless router and router in ip in the browser enter tengda routers part is most router background address is this then how many see your router password login the router background the background that most of them are the admin password is found after the admin to enter the location of the connection is broken I connected you see no IP and then disconnect and then point in success.Don't turn off the web page code often should change the IP in the process of the web page.Again when on the code doesn't have to change the IP in IP if no mistake is too much for a settlement himself no matter how network independent Internet/broadband account/cat users that is simpler is connected to the Internet every day on the east off the once good,

2: broadband users in IP

so code software above own in IP tools, is your best choice, put your home broadband account, password is entered, point automatically, can automatically change the IP, can set automatic behind every success a few votes in IP, as shown in figure:

, of course, there is another way of changing IP broadband Internet access, if you use the first in IP mode, software tips & at the bottom of the other; bolt redial failure ", at the same time, are you sure your broadband account didn't remember wrong, you will need to use the second way in IP, in IP manually.Will break

2: router in IP

if you are a router to the Internet, the first thing you want to make sure that when you change the IP will not be ou, for your use of this method in IP any consequences, I not take any responsibility.Because, in the principle of IP is broken network, connected to the Internet again, if Internet friend is playing game with you boss, you suddenly broken network - -!...Violence. This may be produced.We are helpless!

3: the company network, campus network in IP

if you are a company network, so, don't hold the heart, to work well, the code is not for you, secretly can also play a few yards, the company is absolutely can't change the IP net.

campus network in IP, if you are a student, so, good good study, don't in order to earn some money, give you a good future to delayed, if you don't want to code!Then make sure your network is a bedroom an IP, or a person one IP, if it is a fixed IP, OK, you also with code,

campus network can have only one way to connect in IP, make sure that you can use Windows own login device to the Internet, so you can surf the Internet, if can't, that I'm sorry, no!As for Internet cafes in IP

.Don't want to forget it!

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