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How can the configured routers connect to the computer?

2017-12-28 10:32:49

1. Connect the home network to the routed WAN port,

2, connect your computer with one of the other lines, and the other with your route LAN. (LAN is the route up to 1, 2, 3, 4 interface!)

3. Open the computer, open the browser, and enter the route to IP in the address bar.

4, in the pop-up dialog box input route login account and password, friendship prompt, if you do not know the route landing IP, login account and secret Code, you can turn over the route and look at it, write it on the back of the route!

5. After entering the route setting interface, the fast setting interface is usually popped up. You can choose the broadband dialing mode at this interface. PPPoE, enter the internet account and password!

6. After the setup is completed, save the exit and restart the route!

When the same route is restarted, your routing hardware connection and setup have been completed!

There is another point to remind you. If your family is on the phone line, there is a cat. When you set up the route, you are advised to turn off the power of the cat. When the routing is completed, the power of the cat will be opened.

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