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How can the relay mode of the millet router be restored to normal routing mode?

2018-01-04 14:04:56

in the previous experience, focusing on the use of millet router wireless relay mode method, the experience will teach you how to restore the relay mode to normal routing work mode, friends to speed to watch my experience.

1, because we change the router's mode to relay mode, so lead to millet router IP background management have also changed, so be sure to resort to relay the background management mode millet router IP address.

2, one thousand, you really don't remember, it doesn't matter, we can also find background management IP address through a way to, first of all, the network is connected to the router relay mode of the network, and then click to view the network related properties.So let's open the Windows in the system network and sharing center.After

3, into the network and sharing center, click on your current network connection, and then you can see the detailed information in the network, in the open wireless network attribute information, click Details "Button.

4, under the detailed information of the wireless network, we will see a default gateway IPv4 address information, then yes, we need is the IP address, the address is relay background management mode of millet router IP address.

5, then, we will enter into the browser address bar to this address, you can open the relay background management mode of the router page, in the same way, in the page input password can open the background management page.

6, in the background management page, we can see the router in the current page shows the relay mode, in this page we can switch the relay mode to normal routing work mode.

7, next, click the page Relay Settings "Under options, and then open the page The Internet Settings "Options, click in the working mode switching Switch "Button.

8, then, we will open the wizard page switching mode, click on the select the first option in the page Common throughout the router working mode &;, and then click The next step "Button.Page

9, next, you will be prompted when a router by relay mode switch to a normal working mode, will revert to the original configuration, so we click Identify "Button, you can begin to switch mode.

10, or a period of time to wait, wait a minute later, about page will prompt has been restored to its original routing work mode, then we can according to the normal routing patterns using the network, friends to try it.

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