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How can the storage capacity calculation be calculated?

2018-01-03 11:08:28

we now most of the family has a computer, but you know that our computer storage capacity calculation?We then look at how storage capacity calculation.

how calculate storage capacity

storage capacity is a kind of virtual data usually refers to the memory can accommodate into binary information capacity, in general the binary information in the number of addressing a memory address register mar digits and product for display and store the word.

one thousand bytes is 1 KB, but generally we say the one thousand - byte is 1024 bytes, actually we just used to call one thousand bytes.1024 KB is equal to 1 MB, that is, we're talking about one million.Below is a list of precise algorithm.

gigabyte equals 1024 mb

terabyte equals 1024 gb

perabyte equals 1024 tb

exabyte equals 1024 pb

zettabyte equals 1024 eb

yottabyte equals 1024 zb

commonly used computing unit, these units are typically used to store the data of products usually have several capacity, 1 gb, 2 gb, 4 gb, 8 gb, etc., are all integer power of 2 times.But there are a lot of higher product capacity, the price also with higher and higher, the capacity of ordinary users is not easy to accept, with such a high capacity.

disk storage capacity calculation formula: storage capacity c = the number of the disk head h t * * to track the number of the number of sectors s

we usually say that the storage capacity of data refers to our effective can be stored in the disk storage quantity and other information in the storage capacity of the disk's record is not there.

hard drive capacity: 750 GB SATA actual capacity is 667 GB (698.5) (less than part used in the operating system);CBR influence coefficient: refers to the CBR (constant stream) is error for the effects of storage capacity coefficient.Storage devices with the method of RAID5 + 1 layout, each 2 disk storage need loss, if the drive is 500 gb IPSAN each side of the storage capacity of 6.316 TB effectively;If IPSAN side of the hard drive is 750 gb storage capacity effectively for each 9.119 TB storage mode and hard disk number relationships: pattern 1: deploy JBOD disk, with 750 g hard disk (effective capacity 667 gb), single machine 16 effectively set a total capacity of 10.672 TB, regardless of storage reliability data for the most economic mode.Pattern 2: deploy RAID5 but not hot plate, with 750 g hard disk (effective capacity 667 gb), single 15 effectively set a total capacity of 9.771 TB, regardless of RAID5 reconstruction affect the performance of storage, this is the most economic mode.Pattern 3: deploy RAID5 and with hot plate, with 750 g hard disk (effective capacity 667 gb), single 14 effective offer a total capacity of 9.119 TB, regardless of RAID5 reconstruction effect on storage performance (allowed in a hard disk broken broken again within a short period of time after a hard drive).Stationing area according to the number of point to point to specific calculate the required storage capacity.(solutions) data will be stored in our IP SAN storage, can increase the storage device, at any time according to need and carry on unified management.

our new buy hard drive, often is not the same as the actual data and the hard disk data annotation above.This is because the hard disk above label information is to use a decimal figure out, but in our internal computer USES the binary algorithm, so the algorithm is not the same as lead us to the hard disk information display is not the same.This error is normal, the higher the general capacity error is larger, it is inevitable, unless hard also in binary algorithm.The commonly used unit of storage capacity of

storage capacity refers to the portable storage products the largest amount of data that can be stored, is the most key parameters portable storage products.General usb drive has a capacity of 1 gb, 2 gb, 4 gb, 8 gb, 16 gb, 32 gb and 64 gb, also some products of higher capacity, but the price is beyond the user can accept it.Only 1 gb or 2 gb portable storage, have been eliminated by the market;Products in the 4 gb to 16 gb is the mainstream in the market, in the range of ordinary users can accept the price, is also the most manufacturers to launch the product type capacity type;More than 32 gb products, because the price is expensive, user groups is less, less product variety.

in our daily life, most of the electronic products with a storage capacity, such as computers, mobile phones, mp3, mp4 and so on all need products, so we get to save storage capacity calculation method is good for us to understand our side of the electronic products.

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