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How do CISCO routers troubleshoot

2018-01-09 10:36:47

cisco routers as the high-end routers, has long been used in important places, such as government agencies, such as enterprise network environment, and setting is more complex, not professional personnel is very difficult to understand, this is the cisco router some common faults in use process, for everyone in case of failure, can quickly find out the cause.


1 routers identify problems, in order to determine the reason, the first step will be to get as much information as possible about problems, the following information is important to determine the cause of the problem, the console log and system log information - if the router set send logs to the system log server, you can get information about what happened.

2, show the technical support command is many different commands to compile including show version, show the running config and show sports.When router running into problems, technicians usually request this information to rule out hardware malfunction, before execution to reload or restart the collection show technical support - is important because these actions can cause the loss all information relating to the problem.

3, fully startup sequence bootstrap error if the router.Crash information file about collapse information can find in retrieving information from the file, if there is show the Output of the command from your cisco device (you can use the Output Interpreter shows a potential problem and correction, using the Output Interpreter, you must be a registered user, login, and arrange the Javascript enabled.Parity error

2, router if parity error appears only once, it was assumed that individual event interference and no need to take action, for more information about a single event overturned can find to improve network availability, if the router report more than one parity error, then this is a symptom of a hardware problem, these types of failure can be caused by software or hardware,

1 router PXF processor failure and three cases, the Parallel Express Forwarding processor is enabled, if you are uncertain or PXF experience problems, verify the cisco fast Forwarding and PXF enabled, use PXF processing, you must have the TCP/IP is enabled cisco fast forward exchange, by looking at the show running - config, verified the output of the command if cisco fast Forwarding is enabled, IPCEF output in the configuration, fruit PXF failure, IP PXF output is not shown in the configuration.

2, show c7300 PXF interface all command found receive packets from the interface is PXF processing or discarded.Four, router OIR issues


router based on the preparation mechanism of interface circuit CARDS online hot plug, you can terminate a particular line card data streams, close all interfaces, and by using the following command to cancel the line card: router # hw - module slot slot number - stop.

2, luca is a procedure has been revoked, wait until the OIR command before send any related to the line card is green.And, if the line card is in the process of activated, wait until the OIR command is related to the card before send any.

3, hw - module slot slot number - stop command termination of data streams, open green OIR LED, and close all line card interface from the cisco 7304 router to remove line card not disrupt the flow of data.When there is still a data flow operation, you should not remove the line card.Terminate the keyword by line card interface end data flow and cancel the line card.

4, - the module slot slot - number start command to restart the line card and closed OIR LED, place the card back online.If you use the hw - module slot slot number - stop command, use the hw - module slot slot - number start command line card recovery activities, also used for hw - module slot slot - number start command restore has been revoked due to some fault line card, you can remove and insert again through the actual card recovery activities also line card not to use hw - module slot slot - number start command.

by the introduction of the above, I believe you must understand the causes of the fault, this is just a cisco routing will be part of the problem.

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