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How do computer routers do not connect to the Internet, computer routers do not connect to the Inter

2018-01-05 12:30:09

in informationization in modern life, computer is widely used in daily life, we for associated with the router we are very familiar with, now a lot of families have installed the router wireless Internet access for other activities, the router as indispensable network devices on the Internet daily, may be our computer or router will occasionally appear small problems of one sort or another.So, when our computer router even don't get to the Internet?How to solve?To introduce below small make up to you.

steps a

in the first open computer network union even see card whether to start or is disabled, click Start "The control panel "Step 2

in The control panel "Select Network with Internet”, click Check the network status and tasks "Step 3

in the open pages click Change adapter Settings "Step 4

check card (i.e., local connection) are disabled or no network adapter, if Local connection "(nic) is disabled, right-click Local connection ", in the pop-up dialog box click Enable "That could open the local connection;If can't see Local connection "System did not detect the network card, or nic driver is missing, or a network card is damaged, didn't detect and nic driver lost is to restart the computer to automatically install;Nic damage to replace card, integrated network card damage to reload a separate network adapter.Step 5

to confirm card is enabled, but is not even on the router, then click Start "Run "Cmd”Enter open a command line manager.Step 6

input Ping "The router IP address (general router to the default address, carriage return, if there are two situations as shown in figure, haven't couplet on the router.

steps 7

did check router startup, check cable connector have been oxidation or have good.

steps 8

Ping the router back, if there has signal reply is connected as shown.

steps 9

if appear afore-mentioned two not connected again ping, to restart the router, to do the cable connector, and change a other router try your own router is damaged, if damaged or replaced.

according to the above steps in detail, I believe you can finish set the router connected to the Internet, you as long as carried out in accordance with the relevant steps to set, can make our computer successfully restore access to the Internet, we can use the network to study, work and entertainment.Network can not only make us open field of vision, learn the related knowledge;Can also strengthen the external exchanges, promote the development of personalized.Hope can have a healthy network environment, computer and router to better service for us, make our life more convenient and more comfortable.

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