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How do solve notebooks can't connect wireless network?

2018-01-04 09:40:51

now, with the rapid development of science and technology, computer is more and more popular, especially notebook computers, many college students now go to school with a laptop, use in the bedroom, you should all know, we use a notebook computer is sometimes needed to connect to wireless Internet, usually we have a wireless router at home, convenient and we get to the Internet, but sometimes because we have not good at computer operation, cause the laptop can't complete the wireless Internet access, so in this case how we solve it, explain it below small make up to you.


. Want to make sure the laptop hardware configuration is normal, such as wireless network card driver is installed.Right-click the desktop My computer ", click Management "Menu to enter into the computer management interface, open System tools "Menu, and then double-click to enter The device manager "Interface.

2. In Throughout the network adapter &;Next, can see you now installation or built-in wireless card status;If your wireless network card before "Yellow exclamation mark "Indicates that the computer is a problem with the wireless network card installed, please reinstall drivers or contact computer vendors, the following wireless network card of the graph is the normal state.

3. Then the configuration of the network.After entering the computer management interface open Services and applications "Menu, and then double-click to enter Service "Interface.In Service "The list to find Wireless Zero Configeration”Application, see whether in Has started throughout the &;State, if not start, please click the right mouse button to choose Start "The menu.

4. Enter The control panel ">The network connection "Interface, right-click the Wireless Internet connection ">Properties throughout the &;, select Wireless network configuration "Menu, check in the wireless network configuration I use Windows configuration of wireless network Settings ".After

5. The steps in front of the well is wireless network connection.Enter The control panel ">The network connection "Interface to check Wireless Internet connection "Whether it is Enable "State, such as Disable "Status, please right click Wireless Internet connection ", select Enable "The menu is ok.

6. In the disabled state of Wireless Internet connection ", in the enabled state "Wireless Internet connection ".The above Settings are completed, you can access The control panel ">The network connection "Interface, right-click the Wireless Internet connection ">See the available wireless connection ", you can also double click the lower right corner of the computer desk " directly;Wireless Internet connection ", you can check your computer to search all the available wireless network operators.

7. Select the correct SSID to connect wireless network, select Internet options, can enter the Internet properties, click Links "Add ", click Links "Wireless and broadband, you can see, two types of link, enter the user name and password, you can connect to the Internet.

through the interpretation of the above content, believe everybody know the laptop can't wireless Internet problem, hope you can remember these solutions, because use notebook computer, we can't avoid to meet this kind of situation, only our own master the content, we do not have to worry about can't surf the Internet, about laptop need to understand and operation has a lot of knowledge, I hope you want to know more about the Internet at ordinary times, so that we can adapt to the society.

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