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How do the newly bought routers do not connect to the Internet, network setup tutorials

2018-01-04 11:59:21

new router don't surf the Internet?Routing technology is appeared in the beginning of

has not been widely used mainly because of the 80 s before the network structure is very simple, no place routing technology.The large-scale Internet became popular, to the development of routing technology provides a good foundation and platform.

the following, we take a look at the network equipment Settings tutorial.

in most cases, this kind of problem is due to the new IP routers to keep up with the level of IP conflict.It is good to like people who are two of the same name, the name conflict, when it use problems.

well, let's have a look at the solution!

first of all, the router with Ethernet cable to connect with computer.Note that a router in the yellow card interface (not blue wan interface)

second, open the web page, in the address bar, type:

in a pop-up window, input the user name: admin, password: admin.(basically, most of the manufacturers are the default user name and password.)Finally,

in the router's management interface: network parameters - LAN Settings: change the IP address is:

modified the original instead, preservation, will the network cable of receiving the router's wan port, restart the router, with respect to OK.

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