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How do the routers choose? The method of choosing and configuring routers

2018-01-08 10:00:25

free ball have nothing to do, so wrote them along with the gender of a routing experience!Declined, the sky wave to five words: you on the line you!

a, routing, common features

1, wan wan interfaces, which generally only one mouth, is mainly used to access the superior network (wan) common access is fixed IP, DHCP, PPPOE, the PPTP, L2TP.Domestic common broadband access is to use to access the PPPOE.

2, LAN LAN interface, the general four mouth, is mainly used to connect multiple computers.Basically the default unless need complex networking 192.168.1. X / 24 will be enough.Only need to explain the DHCP is ok.

3, DHCP is used to automatically give LAN LAN IP address of the access equipment distribution, mouth open after you can get the current LAN address automatically.

other commonly used static DHCP function is, when the equipment after obtaining a dynamic IP we can set it into static DHCP address, so that no matter what time, access to the device will get the same IP address, and when it no longer line routing will not assign the IP address recycling other access devices, in a nutshell is to give access to the computer fixed the LAN IP address, the outside network access, and it is mainly used for troubleshooting, convenient management network.

4, WIFI network is mainly used to provide wireless access wireless access mode can be roughly divided into:

ap: wireless access point, mobile phone tablet can connect to the Internet.Need to use the mobile Internet.When set to choose encryption mode, recommend connected + AES, the former is to think about security, which is considering the compatibility, select TKIP, often leads to speed slow down.Weak passwords cannot be used again when password encryption, such as fixed-line or mobile phone number, the name of the regular title names, etc., as far as possible is irregular, digital subtitles symbol combination way, to avoid the dictionary brute force.

wireless client: wireless router as a wireless network card at this time, can be used to connect other AP routing to surf the Internet.The function of the purely as an emergency use.

bridge (bridge) model: used to connect to an AP, and set the same channel, passwords, encryption mode, often used for the expansion of wireless coverage

relay mode (WDS) : similar to the bridge, the difference is the SSID and superior AP.

simple bridge relay, when need to cover the wireless signal has a large scope, then can choose relay mode, but the effect is affected by the compatibility routing, so suggest to choose the brand with the firmware of routing in networking, and conditional choose professional WDS equipment as far as possible, and the professional team of networking.So when you choose to be blind area coverage, you will find that the actual effect is not good, because the mini routing of the antenna is mini, lead to the wall effect is also very general, often in your mobile phone can also be connected to the computer routing, the routing can hardly rise to enhance the effect of the coverage.

is connected not only when your phone to the superior route, and the relay route is better than your cell phone can be connected to the signal, then can have the effect of a relay.There are children's shoes into the erroneous zone is when I open my mouth I will choose a King of wall "Routing, to know the wireless router transmission data is sent and received two kinds of circumstances, to the wall with strong king also can only be sent to the mobile phone, and cell phone from power, it is hard to stable sent to routing, even if the unilateral increase the power of routing and antenna gain, also hard to guarantee the long running stability of the network.Combined with smart routing is limited by laws and regulations, the transmitted power can't particularly large, most use bigger gain antenna, as well as better wireless chips.

5, DDNS dynamic DNS Routing is mainly used for remote access.Say first what is a domain name, you know, www.baidu.com is the domain name baidu, also is a time when you visit this address can be connected to the baidu's web server.But when this server access networks is an IP address, so the action of the domain name, is through the will be sent to DDNS domain name server, the server will return after parsing the the IP address of the domain name.

for home users to via PPPOE dial-up Internet IP address is changing every time, on the route set DDNS is the IP address of the current sync automatically routing the DDNS providers, so that you use DDNS providers provide domain name can be connected to your the IP address of the route.So no matter what your IP address changes, you can through the domain name to access at any time.This IP, changing and difficult to memory can be done by connecting to a domain.So when you not at home, want to control the router at home when they need this feature.

6, port forwarding is mainly used for remote access network computer

7, set up as above, when you are not home, want to control the router at home when they need this feature.Such as the dynamic domain name is xxx.f3322.org, you apply for direct access is routing, the default port 80, if the visit xxx.f3322.org: 5050 2 NAS server can access local area network.

in addition to the DMZ and UPnP, DMZ is roughly set forward all ports to LAN IP, is originally used to firewall to improve security, but home a lot of children's shoes to map directly to the NAS or computer use, so very undesirable, very vulnerable to cyber attacks, so suggest close the DMZ.

8, UPnP in short is plug and play, which is automatic forwarding port recognition, need not you to manually, enabled, some supporting the function of the camera, printer, video player can be automatically identified.Even thunderbolt to support this function after you don't have to open the port forwarding can accomplish automatic identification for BT communications.So open UPnP advice.

2, routing, unusual features more than

1, is a common function, basically if you only need to see here is basically that was enough.If you think that is not enough, so welcome to look down

wol wake on LAN Used to wake up support network equipment of awakening.This feature, it is not so common, benefits, NAS is when your computer is turned off, you can wake up on the routing network, so that it can be automatically switched on.This feature requires the computer motherboard BIOS support, of course, can enter the computer's BIOS to see.The nas is certainly support you don't have to see.

2, this also reflects the benefits of static DHCP, click directly on the static DHCP IP address binding by can awaken the binding equipment, and support custom host name easy memory, simple and clear.If there is no static DHCP can only through the network card MAC physical addresses.You can see how important static DHCP.In domestic level of the machine is not very large number of cases, all equipment suggested static DHCP binding.Computer open wol is simple, and generally support the functions are opened by default.As shown in figure find WAKE ON LAN such as the option open.This local area network (LAN) or the network (using the above login DNNS routing), can wake up the home equipment at any time.More than

3, NWAN wan port access decided to buy the key of the routing function.Write here highlight come, let me here to discuss the topic of WAN router superposition mouth more bandwidth.

when you have multiple network access, such as a telecom, a mobile, how to use these two network stack up, so as to enhance the network bandwidth?Or, when you want to use a network and want to use telecom broadband, how to configure the router?When you are online requirements is very high, how to use the 3 g network as network line?

4, can be used when setting the default routing table, mobile choose mobile routing table, select the default of telecom or telecom routing table.Weighted mean bandwidth ratio, such as a 10 m and a 20 m broadband superposition, weight is set to 1 and 2 respectively.This is mainly for load balancing.

5, superposition of load balancing is the bandwidth of a core strategy, which is how to divide the Internet broadband load factor of problem, such as the above example set weights, after two bandwidth will receive a 33% and 33% respectively the number of broadband connection, so that it can be the largest extent, the bandwidth of superposition.And different firmware overlay effect is good or bad is mainly controlled by load balancing.When selecting a nWAN routing select a smart good load balancing is very important.See how network Settings below

6, generally divided into DHCP for Intranet access network routing or static network IP address.This is very simple, the key is to set a custom routing table, because my network is 10. X.X.X, so I set here is that the behind / 8 represents the subnet mask.Also common:, the other on a broadband link bandwidth of multicast overlay, how to determine whether can multicast overlay bandwidth: first of all, more than a line to dial

except for router support have broadband also support, to light the cat users, first of all to prepare two computers, respectively, in the light cat or ADSL, if only one cat so, cat after switch to connect the computer.Internet access of the same reason.Two computer to dial test at the same time, if can only stir up a another stir not up, explain cannot dial, more show operators online binding the MAC, and limit the dial-up users, a few may can use the same under MAC script and dial.If two computers can dial up to

the two bandwidth at the same time using thunderbolt download movies on the computer test, such as bandwidth is 10 m, if the sum of two computer download speed for about 1 MB/S, then illustrate broadband can dial but not superposition, as there is no need to dial;If two computers to download all reached around 1 MB/S, said stacks success more bandwidth., of course, this is just a simple test method, involved with different MAC MAC and dial, and the concurrent connections dial-up situation is more complex, interested can ask baidu.

7, QOS network speed limit.When this is mainly to solve many of the Internet lead to the card.Lead to many people use the Internet caton one culprit was the upload bandwidth occupied, 2 it is routing number of simultaneous connections is very low, is the forwarding performance is low, can be broadly understood as a machine.

the former can be addressed by the QOS, but the QOS is a process and its complicated Settings, no experience is difficult to set up perfect.So I don't suggest open QOS, but on the network use to form a good habit, as far as possible need not P2P software, for example, and in the use of P2P software to speed setting of all P2P software, it can be a guarantor of less time surfing the Internet also won't because the QOS reduce speed.Don't pile up, as long as the upload bandwidth to download bandwidth even filled caton will not occur.

the latter is generally is the reason of a penny a points goods, MB as gigabit, cheaper than you.As if you use a 100 - dollar slag routing to hundreds of thousands of devices using an enterprise, even if the firmware again?Can't drag, hardware is the same reason.DWTT QOS is stronger, the function, but actual use down or not, set up quickly.Because there is 100 m bandwidth, I have a 2 m of upload, rarely meet the condition of the filled basically upload bandwidth.

8, this is the most simple, one IP can be used for a short time limitation.

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