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How do wireless network cards connect 802.11n Wireless Routing too slow?

2018-02-05 13:22:05

Theory of Intel's 802.11 n wireless card, connection speed is 300 megabits per second, but the actual use process, often only a few M connection speed, highest do not exceed 144 MBPS, as shown in the figure below:
encountered this problem, everyone can be carried out in accordance with the following Settings, connection speed can be promoted to nearly 300 MBPS.1. Set the wireless router to use the channel binding (40 MHZ).By implementing channel binding on wireless router, the router can use two channels at the same time (the default is 20 MHZ).Channel binding also called mixed mode.In Intel & reg; 2.PROSet/wireless software senior menu can be found under the following adapter Settings.Your Settings should be consistent with the following values.The default Settings apply to support Intel's 802.11 n & reg;Wireless adapter.

3. On a wireless router, check the following options:

note: WEP and WPA - TKIP compatible with 802.11 n't note: configure WEP or TKIP encryption, data transfer rate will not be more than 54 Mbps.Operating system: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP * 2. The experimental demo 1. The tool preparation: a. LENOVO V490U laptops, Windows 7 64 - bit operating system;B. the Intel 2230 wireless card, driver version;C. D - link 615 l, 300 m wireless router.2. The diagram below, the default configuration, with broadband is only one letter, 20 MHZ, connection speed is 72 megabits per second.3. We are in accordance with the above method of operation Settings, connection speed is close to 300 MBPS, as shown in the figure below: 

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