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How do wireless networks do not work

2018-01-04 14:24:18

wireless network, not with

some users will appear when you use a laptop in notebook wireless network is not available, in this case, you can through the following a few simple method can solve the problem, to introduce the wireless network is not available under the reason and solution.

laptops, wireless networks, not with the cause of the

cause of notebook wireless network is not available, basically has the following several ways:

1, notebook wireless is closed or the notebook wireless notebook wireless function has been disabled.

2, and there is no open notebook wireless services.

2, notebook wireless network is not available to solve solution

notebook wireless connection is not available, the main need to find the reasons, we usually is from simple to look up, first check whether the laptop wireless shut down.

many laptops have Wifi switch, shut off the radio, will not be able to connect wireless network, so the notebook wireless is not available, first of all, should check whether the wireless switch is open.Because different laptop open and close method is different, you can see the F1 on the laptop - F11 key to open or close if there is a wireless switch, if any, open real-time switch, as shown in the figure below:

check the notebook wireless switch

additionally you also can enter the laptop wireless management, check if the wireless function open (if it is disabled, please on the wireless network name, right-click to choose Start "), as shown in the figure below:

check whether laptop wireless services for open, on a desktop computer (my computer) choose the right, and then select Management "After entering the computer management, can then enter the Service items ", as follows:

in the Service, we focus on four: check on the Network Service, Network Connections, Network List are the Location Awareness, Network Store Interface Service and WLAN AutoConfig whether wireless related Service is disabled, if disabled, right-click on it, choose open, as shown in the figure below:

laptop usually appear in the wireless Network is unavailable is caused by above two situations, you can try, by using the method of this paper introduces would like to know more of the wireless Network is not available, may continue to focus on the Pacific Ocean computer Network.

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