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How do you monitor the transmitter with transmitter, monitoring methods, modulation and maintenance

2018-01-09 10:08:38

guide language: with the continuous development and progress of optical fiber technology, the surveillance video optical transceiver also continuously improve, now has been widely used in our life, whether residential or factories, supermarkets, everywhere monitoring equipment.Monitoring equipment can protect our personal property safety, the monitoring of the complete due to video optical transceiver, small make up next will be to introduce about the surveillance video optical transceiver modulation method and the use of maintenance, the hope can give you offer to help!

modulation method:

optical transceiver principle is the signal modulation to the light, through the optical fiber data transmission, usually use the following several kinds of modulation mode:

1) amplitude modulation or emphasize system (AM) : the whole simulation system, optical transmission unit within the brightness or intensity of light-emitting diode (LED) input video amplitude linear change.Amplitude modulation of the optical signal by optical fiber to send to the light receiving unit, the signal is converted to analog baseband video by its.

2), frequency modulation and pulse frequency modulation (FM) : is a simulation system, radio frequency carrier through the input video signal linear frequency regulation, after a modulated carrier wave and with LED or laser light transmission unit, through frequency modulation signal receiving unit through optical fiber to send light, analog optical transceiver will be converted to a digital baseband video signal.Use and maintenance methods:


(1) the use of optical transceiver to ensure the continuous and normal power supply

laser optical transceiver components and photovoltaic modules most avoid is the impact of transient pulse current, should not be so frequently switch machine.In optical transceiver concentrated at the center of the front room and 1550 nm light transmitter optical amplifier setting should configure UPS power supply, laser components, in order to protect the photoelectric conversion module from damage by pulse high current.In

(2) the use of optical transceiver to keep a ventilation, heat, moisture, clean and tidy work environment

optical transmitter laser components is the heart of the device, higher requirements to the working conditions, in order to guarantee the normal work of the equipment, manufacturers set up within the equipment cooling, heat removal system, but when ambient temperature exceed the permitted range, the device can't work normally, so in hot season, when the room heating equipment, the poor ventilation and cooling conditions, the best installation of air conditioning system to guarantee the normal work of the optical transceiver.

microns diameter optical fiber core work, tiny dust into the tail fiber activities within the interface will block the transmission of optical signals, cause light power, a big drop in the system signal-to-noise ratio is reduced, the failure rate is about 50%, so the room cleaning and hygiene is very important also.

(3) the use of optical transceiver to run in the monitoring and recording optical transceiver equipment set up in

with microprocessors, internal working state monitoring system for various working parameter acquisition module, and through the visual display and VFDS LED display system, in order to timely remind check-in staff, set up a sound and light alarm system inside the light transmitter, maintenance personnel as long as according to the operation parameters to determine the cause of the problem, and timely processing, can guarantee the system normal operation.Is more than

small make up to introduce on how to monitor video modulation optical transceiver, how to use and maintenance of surveillance video optical transceiver related content.Monitoring can help the police locked the suspect, monitoring is to protect the benefits of our largest personal property safety, we in the use of surveillance video optical transceiver at the same time, also want to learn how to maintain and maintain it, small make up to introduce the maintenance method, we must pay attention to study well oh!The introduction of small make up immediately end, hope you like them!

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