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How do you set up the mobile wifi router? How is the phone connected to WIFI

2018-01-04 09:15:41

we all know, now we have entered the Internet era, whether it's mobile phone or computer, cannot leave the network, it is hard to imagine what if are not able to surf the Internet will be state.And to make us realize the online tools, there are many, such as network card, wireless router, etc., and at the time of setting up network, often there are lots of things we need to learn.Small make up today is mainly aimed at the mobile wifi router this problem, namely how to set up wifi router and mobile phone how to connect to wifi, to introduce to everybody.

a, mobile phone how to set up the wifi router?

when you take your wireless router to buy after come back, to follow the instructions in the fuselage, plug cable on the wan interface of corresponding (if you could not tell out, just put in a separate one color on the interface), if you want to use a computer through a wireless router to the Internet, you can through the cable connected to the router LAN interface.But for the first time in

set up the router, or need to use the computer.Connect the router with Ethernet cable to the computer first, then start the computer, open a browser and type in the address column, pops up a window after loading, allow you to enter account password, general router is the default admin/admin password.Enter the wireless router management interface, is about to start for wireless router's Settings.

under operation interface, tend to have a link to the setup wizard, you click on the setup wizard (some router will immediately into the background pop-up setup wizard, just save this step).After entering setup wizard, click next.

on the choice of the ways of the Internet, according to you of the specific conditions of the home network.General family is the ADSL network, Internet use is also comes with The cat "Broadband, so you have to choose PPPoE.Also has a small number of users are using the community broadband, is the direct plug in cable can connect to the Internet (e.g., using the Great Wall broadband), you are about to select dynamic IP Internet connection.Select PPPoE, below is about to enter account and password online, that is your account password used in the Internet at ordinary times, if you don't remember, can go to rummage around at the beginning with operating the signing of the Internet protocol, the general will record the account password.

then we start wireless Settings, the wireless router here how to set up actually very simple, but this step is related to your mobile phone can use wifi, so must be careful, can't go wrong.We see there are a lot of options, as shown, the wireless state of nature is open, SSID you can set a more unique name, such as xunleifuck, CCTVonline and so on.Automatic channel selection, 11 BGN mode generally choose mixed’Also choose to automatically, frequency bandwidth.Wireless security options must choose WPA wpa2-psk/WP2 wpa2-psk, this is because if you don't set the password, will definitely be neighbors ceng network, that is likely to delay network, so this definitely should pay attention to.Password is set to more complex, in order to avoid being brute force, password, of course, you have to remember.Click finish, the router setup is complete.How to connect the WIFI

2, cell phone?After

when your router Settings, click the phone menu, and then into the mobile phone set, the first is wifi, you set it to open, then click on the list of wifi, choose your router set in the wireless network name before.

the next input before you set the password, so that you can.After

to buy a lot of friends in the router home, without professional help, often at a loss, don't know how to set up, actually very simple, you as long as according to the small make up the above introduction, step by step can be set, believe that will soon be able to set up successfully.And if it is for my friends just to buy mobile phones, could also encountered similar problems, or don't know how mobile wifi router Settings, don't worry, try the method can be set.Hope small make up the above introduction can effectively help to you.

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