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How does the fiber junction box be connected? Method of wiring of optical fiber junction box

2018-01-03 10:20:40

fiber, it is short for optical fiber, made of glass or plastic, capable, optical fiber network, the total reflection using optical fiber to the home or room, also called a LAN.Further on the development of the Internet is now the human, is considered the best way to broadband connection, and now the rapid development of wireless network, optical network provides a very convenient access for people, for the metropolitan area network, access network provides relief capacity is insufficient.Is human now electronic network is the most rapid growth.

fiber high performance is introduced

optical network carrier frequency, band, can transmit the broadband signal is strong, and because of its light weight, small diameter, small proportion of glass fiber, strong anti-jamming capability, and because it is only the light, non-conductive, also is not affected by magnetic field so very stable.Reliable performance and low cost, the optical fiber network was developed early in foreign countries, our country in recent years, some cities are developing, is a network of many village chase high, these days, we will let every family all enjoy the benefits of fiber this morning, however, optical fiber connector and how to meet?

how optical fiber connector wiring

first of all, should be correctly chosen junction box, we basically see current component in the junction box, a job is to look at the maximum current, and the output when a short circuit output the maximum current, we are usually based on the short-circuit current calculation, rated current, it can be more safe use, so before assembly, understanding where production components, calculate the correct safety current can ensure our future use.

optical fiber junction box is equipped with the base, the base has optical fiber fixed frame, open the lid, installed in the ground, junction box should be carefully installed base stability guarantee base, junction box cover can open, but should have waterproof, put the function such as dust, junction box should be flush with the ground, to prevent the junction box.On both ends of the base also has connection, we should be optical corresponding access connection, and lifted the lid on the cover test, adjustment.

when wiring should pay attention to safety, ensure the size of the current, enough to ensure the rated current of the junction box.Installed on the wall of the junction box, it should be 30 cm off the ground, and activities to ensure not to touch the ground to the terminal block.Terminal box of various socket panel should have identification instructions, tools within the region should make sure that the junction box have enough space, should comply with the design requirements.The operation hole connection in the junction box should pay attention to safety.Now has

optical fiber network in many areas, also for the people to the Internet provides a very convenient conditions, but we also want to pay attention to the safety of the fiber optic network installation, the correct connection, let the technical personnel to operate, to ensure we use the security and the life of the junction box.

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