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How eMule routers routinely set up

2018-01-09 12:45:21

if a router has been used and there is no proper Settings, you may get a Low ID.Router is equivalent to block before the network shield, disguise the local computer's IP address.When other customers think and eMule (eMule exchanges sources) when establishing a connection will only get the router IP, and not the actual running eMule computer IP.

in order to avoid this kind of situation, need to set the following port: port 4662471 1 TCP and UDP port 4672, is needs to be set to allow forward direction for the connection (map).Please check router manual, keywords: port forwarding (port mapping), the DMZ - Demilitarized Zone, filtering, and rules.Many routers are built into the firewall, so please make sure the firewall (view) is also there for the corresponding port Settings.Note:


when in the network using a router, DHCP options - dynamic host configuration protocol best closed, and for the network of each client is assigned a static IP.Then the client Windows network connection - >Local connection - >Property - >Internet protocol (TCP/IP) set, need to disable automatically obtain an IP address and enter an IP address column in below 192.168. XXX. XXX range of IP addresses.Different types of router may have different internal IP address range, please view the router's manual.

after enter a valid IP address, subnet mask column will automatically become final step in the column type your default gateway router's IP address.

software name: eMule official (original) software version: 0.50 a Final a multi-language version of the software size: 3.23 MB software authorization: free applicable platform: Win9X WinNT Win2000 WinXP Win2003

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