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How fiber Optic Cats connect wireless routers, routers and cats

2018-01-09 11:02:43

fiber cat how to connect wireless router

fiber, also known as single port optical transceiver, is a kind of special users against environmental research and development of three pieces of a set of optical fiber transmission equipment.Optical fiber cat usually has four output interface, many times we need to connect multiple computers, including mobile wireless wifi Internet access.This time you need a wireless router.The following share fiber cat connect wireless router.Step 1,

will be the router's WAN port connected to light cat any LAN interface.

steps 2, Reset the router, items with a pin to press the Reset button on the router.

steps 3, open the browser, in the address bar enter open the router's management interface, input account and password to login;The router to the default password is: admin lowercase.

step 4, click on the left menu Setup wizard ">Select Dynamic IP”Click next.Step 5,

set up the SSID and wireless password click next.Step 6,

click Complete ", the router will automatically restart.Step 7,

after the restart, once again, log in to the router management point network parameters >LAN port Settings >Enter the IP address:, save.Is the original changed in the new network segment, because telecommunications light cat in that segment, the router cannot be the same as the light cat.More than

cats connect wireless router is optical fiber concrete operation, remind everybody, if certified accounts need to be configured on the cat, your router plugged into a cat's mouth LAN Settings automatically get the address, or static address can also be used.Verified account need certification on the router, generally set into PPPOE mode, fill in the account password.


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