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How fiber optic connections are connected to wireless routers

2018-01-05 12:56:53

how to connect the wireless router

wireless router fibre optic connection method is as follows:

the first step: the hardware part of the connection.With a network cable to light the cat any front-end ports connected to the WLAN wireless router port, other computers in the LAN cable way need through the Internet, you can through the Internet computer online and wireless routers can be connected to a LAN port.

the second step: reset the router's IP address.In on a computer that is connected to the router to open a browser and enter the router control the address and enter, found in the open pages Network Settings "→LAN Settings, the router IP resetting to ", and then click Save "To complete the IP address of the router Settings.In

the third step: open the pages to find Network Settings "→WAN port Settings ", the router "WAN connection type mouth "Resetting to PPPoE”First and then input online account and password, check On-demand dialing "Way, click Save "Complete the router's WAN Settings.Step 4:

found in the open pages The DHCP server "→The DHCP service "Enable the DHCP server of choice, and sets the address to pool to "To address the end of the pool is set to ", click Save "Complete the router's DHCP Settings.Step 5:

final configuration to connect to the wireless router on each device.Configure the IP address access are automatically access.How about


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