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How is 360 security router,360 security router detailed evaluation

2018-01-02 14:56:11

as wi-fi equipment such as notebook computers, smart phones, popularization, the router has gradually become the core of the Internet that occupy the home of the family center, but in the mainstream of society brand router back door event, make such everyday & other;Only the fixed & throughout;The safety of the equipment is worrying.In the face of this new threat, led by 360 as the domestic well-known Internet security vendor, in PC & other;360 security guards & throughout;The integration & other;Home network management & throughout;After the new features, and make persistent efforts, launched in the true sense in router security as the primary goal of & other;360 security router & throughout;End products.And below small make up take a look at some 360 security router?How about 360 security routing security routing review

, 360, 360 security routing detailed review

packaging it is good to do not take a place

this routing has in intelligent concept, but combined with the brand positioning, 360 buckle a hat to it, yue security intelligent routing, it is different from other similar products the most visible in the two places.

in order to highlight the characteristics of 360 simply put the packaging became crisper compartments, here can't resist poking fun at the Internet company hardware always likes to get this kind of form is greater than the content, the few dollars products, packing also to be high-grade to let us be arts and crafts in the conspicuous position and final destination is not clutter is placed in a corner, to get this itself is bigger than routing many boxes, covers an area of and not the object.Sincerely hope to sell compact version of the old honest and practical environmental protection packing, after all, 99 dollars, we just need a router to use.

is a bit of position

router & other;Shape & throughout;From

?Took out 360 routing of the case at the moment, I admit that my thoughts wander, not the millet box with the antenna?Routing and usual common size, 360 traditional products were similar, routing the mini size and appearance face extremely routing and millet are slightly inferior, but for one hundred pieces of router, I don't care about the most is that these, and from a health point of view, no matter how beautiful, flowery I hope these continuous radiation guy always far away from my sight.

determine not millet box added with antenna?

that can say I care about is, first, from the beginning of the eye can see, 360 engineers estimate this into account on the ownership of the goods in the future is a bleak corner also easy to dust, so there's no easy to suck ash ventilation design, have confidence in its stability is more obviously.Another router machine for design.Look from flank, the router chin was not flush with the bottom and add a lot of space for heat dissipation, although compared to plastic metal (routing) very poor heat conductivity, from the perspective of the usage of two weeks, however, it also creates nothing too, individual is satisfactory for its stability.

this design increases the heat dissipation area

routing provides a WAN port, 2 LAN port, given the current majority of family network devices are already have wireless function, the number of ordinary users also suffice, and reserved for offline download USB port provides a possibility.

interface in

said a pile of above, I think the only intelligent routing & other;Shape & throughout;, they are useful or not still have to rely on & other;Throughout the &;Interaction experience, that is, routers, this shall not speak of the backend interface.As for the hardware, the few basic difference is not big, to block the router is not the key selling point, also no longer do more introduced here.

routers & other;Throughout the &;

what is the so-called love is what kind of debt, what kind of what kind of Chinese cabbage routing arch, the backend interface that has long been the traditional route, I can imagine to engineers that don't take you around confused TM don't show the two colours in my professional.But it can make a lot of?Silk technology men have the chance to borrow with routing close to the goddess, and how much achievement is not a good marriage, in fact elder brother was a victim, who call the za looked at like math 192.168 XXX all don't know how into the background.Sounds like Stephen chow movie, right?But I think friends and relatives, friends a few dared to touch the router?There is something wrong with the network have to wait and telecoms commissioner to come over to solve.This is illness, have to cure!

so, personally think that intelligent routing is a very worth a point is to make the background & otherA fool & throughout;, without the traditional route that distance.And 360 routing in this case I think is definitely one of the best in the three intelligent router, reminds me of product manager liked kan & other;More is less, less is more & throughout;.

is less, less is more

it less manual to only a piece of paper, content to less in addition to tell you which port after which the line, with this easy to remember to no background address http:\/\/luyou360.cn\/, plug in cable it will automatically depending on the type of your home network connection method of identifying what 192.168. XXX, PPPOE, automatic manual IP, playing the eggs.

illustrations of the finish can be thrown away

360 background at first glance seem too simple, but it is very exquisite, with its top eight very eye-catching large buttons instead of traditional routers that form of red tape, and button text extremely use up popular.After the mouse slip, background color deepens shows such as a further explanation of the connection status or function.As to not commonly used advanced functions are integrated into the edge & otherAdvanced Settings & throughout;In the water.And the lower space we can see all of the router status information.

360 security intelligent routing backend interface overview,

, 360 security intelligent routing backend interface overview

360 background & other;Less & throughout;Also reflected in the level, the menu is only level, can want to do direct point, by the way its antenna, although only one, is to support 2.4\/5 g dual-band, if don't understand is selected automatically mixed mode, will automatically assign the Internet equipment which the connection.

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