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How is ZTE intelligent set-top box, function introduction and use method

2018-01-09 13:35:55

set-top boxes, zte intelligence refers to carry the android system (android4.0.4) set-top boxes.In addition to have the traditional TV box function, intelligent set-top box can be realized all the functions on the computer, browse the web, watch movies, watch TV, listen to music, QQ chat, play games.Digital TV set-top box gradually replaced the traditional, to people's free time has brought a lot of entertainment, but a lot of people buy a home but I do not know how to install the operating, let's learn about the samsung smart set-top box function and installation method of use.

zxv10 B760D set-top box is zte's embedded audio decoding device, the Android platform based on open, advanced hardware architecture and the optimization of h. 264 video compression algorithm, to make more clear smooth vivid image transmission.Provide hd decoding ability ZXV10 B760D set-top boxes, provide enhanced audio and video function, can provide users with LiveTV, VOD, TSTV, basic services, such as web browsing and application services based on the JVM.Official pricing now is RMB 309 yuan.

based on

product highlights Android4.0 platform, open ability, with excellent performance to provide more vivid image picture, utilizes advanced mpeg-4 AVC/h. 264, so the resolution of up to 720 p, 1080 I, 1080 p, local decoding bandwidth up to 40 MPBS, support stereo and Dolby * 5.1 surround, provide immersive audio effect, support custom web browsing, TV media transmission support way of unicast and multicast, multicast address can be set, supporting the combination of fixed address, DHCP and PPPOE network access.

management features

support TR069 unified network management protocol, with a strong terminal network management functions, support through the network platform of set-top box configuration, management, and upgrade the operation, system software upgrade, restore factory Settings function, to support the network time protocol (NTP) on time management, support the local clock configuration.

using the method of

zhongxing B860A models of IPTV set-top box can be installed through the U disk can simple third-party application software expansion of resource, the following is cracked after successful installation of the third party APP graphic methods: installation methods are under the 20160203 system version of the above set-top box test, other version is whether we can try.After the switch to the fashion version of the interface, the U disk/SD card access to the USB interface, set-top boxes and then into the IPTV homepage - applications - local media, run the installation package to run installation package will pop up when the above picture, a prompt option Settings, in the heart of the pop-up interface Ban "Option to Allow "Can.

zte intelligent set-top box not only high configuration, and operation is very simple.As long as you put the open wireless set-top boxes and then in the wireless Settings of the set-top box to choose light cat wireless signals, and open the wireless advanced Settings, the inside of the mode to pppoe is ok, the account name fill in iptv account, password and iptv dial-up passwords can see, after has operation is successful, if you are interested in the set-top box, can have a look at the actual product, believe that you will have a different experience.

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