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How is the router interface extended, and the interface is not enough to use the solution

2018-01-03 13:18:25
How router interface extension


we know that the router has called a cisco IOS software, IOS is called the operating system, can equal thought it is router operating system, as we often use the XP.The router IOS to complete routing table to generate and maintain.

the following, we take a look at the router interfaces are inadequate to solve method.

1, required hardware device: the router or switch.The router usually than switch, in contrast, price expensive.

2, when we use switches extension network, only needs to be one of main router LAN interface connected to the switch interface to enter, the expansion of the network purpose can be realized.Then other computer local area network (LAN) can be arbitrary and connected to the router or switch of an arbitrary interface.

3, of course, we also can put the router as a switch to use, at this time will be the main router's LAN are connected to the pair of router LAN interface, and then to other computers and routers can be connected to a LAN port extension of network, the router function with switches.

4, through Level the way "To realize the expansion of the local area network: the main router LAN port and vice router's WAN port.

5, and at the same time open two routers "The DHCP function "And deputy router LAN address set give priority to the router through DHCP”Functions within the scope of the IP address specified in a static IP address.

6, finally to other local area network (LAN) a computer and the main and deputy in the router can be connected to a router interface.

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