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How much do wireless routers offer, wireless routers quoting

2018-01-03 09:19:49

since the intelligent mobile phone constantly update, flow as the flowing water, still not come back again.So how to solve this problem, small make up today for your action Install wireless router.Wireless routers can help us with mobile phone use broadband network signals, in the don't consume flow under the condition of continue to surf the Internet.Some friends may ask to install a wireless router will spend how many money, and open flow rate which is much cheaper than package.Below small make up for the wireless router we enumerate the current market price information, you compare yourself, have a look at whether cheaper?

a: wireless router price

Fijian router, the king of home wireless network through walls, 1200 m, double-frequency routing, gigabit speeds, brand marketing stable is not lost.For white and black color classification, wireless network coverage, wireless network support frequency 2.4 G&5 g, applicable object for the broadband router, the built-in firewall, sealed, support WDS, the market price of 160.00 yuan.Tp -

LINK wireless router, 2.4 G high speed Internet experience, intelligent household wall wifi player.Color classification for sapphire, water blue, white, black, wireless transmission speeds of up to 450 MBPS, cable transfer rate is 10/100 MBPS, frequency of 2.4 G wireless network support, does not support the usb interface, built-in firewall, sealed, and does not support the VPN, the national group, the market price of 99.00 yuan.

tengda FH456 high-power broadband wireless router, wireless timing, speed through walls experience.USES its own production lines, sophisticated technology, strict quality, high gain extended four antenna, the internal space is large heat dissipation performance is excellent, 8 core copper needle, the Internet is fluent, signal stability, using ali little wisdom APP phone remote control, color classification for white, black, the built-in firewall, a national group, the market price of 129.00 yuan.

mercury MW325R wireless router, fibre optic broadband telecommunications high-speed router.Cost-effective extended four antenna, the maximum coverage area is 150 square meters, stability is not dropped.Using four design innovative period of thread quality antenna, reduce interference, increase spread signals, surfing the Internet faster.Color classification for white, black, the group, the market price of 199.00 yuan.Tp -

link TL - wr886n wireless router, three antennas home wireless router.Wireless transmission rate up to 450 MBPS, data transmission more efficient, more fluent, can access the wireless terminal equipment more and more suitable for high broadband household hd video on demand of the family.Color classification for sky blue, dark blue, coinsurance across the country, the market price of 129.00 yuan.

small wireless router price information on the market at present are summarized, its general price is in 100-200 yuan between.Although we can use 100-200 yuan opened a lot of data, but the choice of wireless router is long.Well, what a more preferential, hope that the introduction of small make up will be helpful to you.

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