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How much is a router and how to choose a router

2018-01-03 17:52:19

wireless Internet is now very popular, and multiple computers and wireless Internet access to use wireless router.Router has a different brand and price, so how much money a general router?The router what are the models?Want to buy a router friends must look small make up to share the following content!

a, general how many money a router?

routers according to its performance, and support agreement is different, the price also is different.General support of 54 m, 802.11 g router, prices generally is in 100 yuan the following, and I also bought two 50 yuan, in the unit, the result is right also, with all the time, for two years, without any problems.And if it is support 802.11 n

m of the router, so the price will be a little expensive, basic in 200, individual better in 200-300, if it's imported brand, the price is higher.However, the prices are different according to my several brands of routers use feeling, 200 s 802.11 n brand router, such as DLINK, effect is good, quickly.

(2) thermal router recommended

recommended a door: TP - LINK TL - WR841N reference price: RMB 149

product types: SOHO wireless router

maximum transmission rate: 300 mbps

network interface: a 10/100 MBPS WAN mouth;4 10/100 MBPS LAN port

frequency range: single frequency (2.4 to 2.4835 GHz) antenna number:

2 root external antennas VPN support: support

WDS functions: support WDS wireless bridge

WPS function: support the rapid security Settings for the WPS

wireless security: wireless MAC address filtering,

Internet users evaluation: I like appearance, double antenna signal is better, the original wireless router when I left home to elevator between basic have no signal, now test can achieve 3 g signal.Now 2 days off not test all day, nothing calorific value bigger problem, and have no freezing!Recommendation 2:

TP - LINK TL - WR842N reference price: RMB 90

product types: SOHO wireless router

maximum transmission rate: 300 mbps

web standards: wireless standard IEEE 802.11 n, IEEE 8...

network interface: a 10/100 MBPS WAN mouth;4 10/100 MBPS LAN port

VPN support: support

WDS functions: support WDS wireless bridge

wireless security: wireless MAC address filtering,

1, it is the advantage of good looks, streamlined atmosphere feeling, together with two antennas, more perfect!But wall effect is very good, can be separated by the middle two wall penetration!

2, very stable, three phones a device a notebook, cable also took the PC speed is very smooth, unless there is a device in the download movie games and so on.

recommendation three: millet router reference price: $699

product type: intelligent wireless router

maximum transmission rate: 866Mbps

network standards: wireless standards: IEEE 802.11ac, IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11.a

wired standards: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3ab

network interface: 1 10/100/1000Mbps WAN ports

2 10/100/1000Mbps LAN port

frequency range: dual frequency (2.4GHz, 5GHz)

antenna type: built-in antenna

product size: 120× 64 x 168 mm

other properties: storage capacity:

CPU parameters: 1 TB 2.5 -inch HDD hard disk Broadcom BCM4709 dual-core 1 ghz

memory: 256 MB DDR3

net friend evaluation:

1, 802.11 ac chip is good Built-in 1 t hard Appearance is concise and millet convenient interactive introduction to their products.

2 combined with family cloud storage devices, routers and hard disk.This idea is too creative..Now almost all the television have wireless capabilities, the piece also need not put in the computer, put directly in the router.Can be seen on television in the living room, you can see on the computer.

recommended four: MW316R mercury wireless router?71.00

antenna multi antenna

built-in firewall is

plug and play

transmission rate 300Mbps

WPS supports

VPN supports

The number of WAN ports is 1

QoS speed limit function support

netizen evaluation:

well, put it on the two floor. Downstairs, the yard can use

How routers set up

if the line is already connected. We can open a good PC computer at this time. Open the network neighbor property

then open the local connection property

then open the tcp/ip protocol property

sets IP to subnet: gateway: Already determined, after the DNS configuration in the router Settings. Note:, Settings. 98, after.

remind everyone here, set the IP network segment, can be set up between instead - can, do not use the same IP Settings for computer, this will cause the IP conflict. Be sure to keep in mind. Good when set up here. I can open the desktop InternetExplorer enter enter

here prompted for a username and password, the default user name and password are admin, the router has written instructions. Input and press enter, you can enter the router configuration interface. Note: tplink IP is the default router basic password is the basic admin for the first time to enter the router interface

here we choose to set up the wizard

then the next step of

selects ADSL virtual dial-up. Most of them choose it. The rest is selected by private line users. We don't do detailed introduction here, we know broadband users, Tietong, Netcom and other virtual dial-up users, select it, then


is a step next to setting up a good routing

then set the network parameters at the point network, and set the

at the WAN port

is here. All the configuration in the router is set up. Now we have to restart the router OK. Click the system tool, restart the router, and

will be ready in a few seconds.

this time we turn off the configured web page window, and other computers will be able to access the

The router models and not the same brand price is not the same, the general requirements are not too high can buy 60 to 100 yuan, a good thing is that 100 to 200 or so, like some of the better such as millet router mini, or routing, these all belong to the intelligent router, very easy to use, the use of electronic products the experience of demanding friend can choose.Above is the small make up today to share information about the router, please continue to focus on this site for more information!

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