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How much is it for a router? It must be seen before buying

2018-01-03 11:14:34

Like to surf the net friend's choice of router

value, the stand or fall of the router is able to affect the Internet experience, so how much money a router?Please see below.

a, how much money a

router routers according to their performance, and support agreement is different, the price also is different.General support of 54 m, 802.11 g router, prices generally is in 100 yuan the following, and I also bought two 50 yuan, in the unit, the result is right also, with all the time, for two years, without any problems.And if it is support 802.11 n

m of the router, so the price will be a little expensive, basic in 200, individual better in 200-300, if it's imported brand, the price is higher.However, the prices are different according to my several brands of routers use feeling, 200 s 802.11 n brand router, such as DLINK, effect is good, quickly.

two, how much is the router to recommend

model: D-Link DI-7001

port structure: non modular

wide area network interface: 1

LAN interface: 4

transmission rate: 10/100Mbps

network management: Chinese Web configuration real-time monitoring interface bandwidth analysis

real-time monitoring of internal PC uploading and downloading bandwidth collection

logging function

Number of

users: 20-40 sets of

firewall: built-in firewall

packet forwarding rate: 30Kpps

VPN support: support for

product memory: DRAM

memory: 64MB

FLASH memory: 8MB

processor: Mips 384M

network security: support IP-MAC address one key binding function

containment of internal network ARP attack

supports DoS attacks to guard against

read this article, estimate how much money you have on the router a psychological price of their own, the above data from the network, for reference only. For more information, please attention.

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