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How much is the digital telephone switch, which is the good of the digital telephone switch

2018-01-03 10:18:32

digital telephone switch, as a kind of telephone network and computer network connection medium, can play a huge role in the modern office, and with the development of modern science and technology, digital telephone switch function is rich, have more than one brand on the market at present the digital telephone switches, so which one is best?Small make up, you can introduce it next.

cano k674

small make up to introduce in the first paragraph is the carnot k674 digital telephone exchange.The product it can power transferred to other extension in the future, and in standby mode, the inner system will automatically switch to night work mode, more convenient for some office occasions close, at the same time it also has the function of the paint, can be designed Used to call the paint.Within the system can also realize single phone, at the same time can and recording telephone, fax machine and computer are connected, the stability of the machine has high practicability, widely used in the unit hotel schools and families and so on.Also can connect normal telephone, can connect 4 dedicated telephone, equipped with both dedicated telephone, call forwarding is more easy and convenient, use rise also more flexible.This digital telephone exchange product which the market price of about 450 yuan.

the second paragraph of panasonic tes8cn

small make up recommend for everybody is panasonic tes8cn digital telephone exchange products.When using a digital telephone exchanges, able to set the extension number according to the using situation, and once the company emergency situation, can also realize busy move, avoid the telephone information system causes too much crowded conditions.For some big occasion, it also has the function of foreign radio and so on, just need to connect the microphone and can be transformed into a powerful broadcast machine.Transfer system is equipped with a variety of ways, so as to adapt to the environment.Considering the required some special industries, also have to monitor function within the system, the telephone recording can be real-time recording.This digital telephone exchange product which the market price of about 300 yuan.Small make up recommend for everybody in the third paragraph of

steam wtb9824

is steam wtb9824 digital telephone exchange products.The digital telephone switches, it can be linked with professional voice communication equipment such as routers, can provide users with more convenient services for office, and consider to now most people use mobile phones, in its internal enterprise mobile virtual network business, through this setting, to the user's mobile phone connected, so you can direct dialing cornet.Stability of the big customer group is already so, have greatly saved the communication costs and cost of the enterprise.The digital telephone exchange products the market price of about 400 yuan.

above three is small make up to sort out, a few on the market mainstream digital telephone exchanges.Digital telephone exchanges, as necessary for the modern office occasions, can have the effect of a kind of instant messaging, and strengthen the link between business and a great helper for company to do business.

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