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How much is the wireless broadband router and what is the parameters of the wireless broadband route

2018-01-09 12:07:30
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when it comes to the router, you will naturally think of wireless wifi.This is something related to we have to life, we now young people out the door to have a meal, singing, hotel, etc. I think we ask the most word is: the boss you have wireless network password?It can be said that more than eighty percent of the shops are now equipped with a wireless router, to meet the needs of our customers!Visible to the importance of the wireless router.

small make up today to explain it in detail for you the price of each type of wireless router and specific parameters.

- Fiji FIR304D: price: $54.Maximum transmission rate: 300 MBPS.The number of antenna: four.Antenna gain: 5 dbi.Firewall function: built-in firewall.Status indicators: Power, WLAN, WAN, LAN.Product size: 172 ×115 ×32.5 mm.

tengda W308R: price: 69 yuan.Product type: SOHO wireless router.Maximum transmission rate: 300 MBPS.Spread-spectrum technology: the DSSS.The number of antenna: 2 root.The firewall function: built-in firewall, prevent hacker attacks.Status indicators: POWER, SYS, WPS, WLAN, LAN and WAN.Product certification: 3 c.

huawei router glory: price: 190 yuan.Product type: intelligent wireless router.Maximum transmission rate: 1167 MBPS.Antenna types: built-in antenna.Frequency range: double frequency (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz).Network wireless standard IEEE 802.11 ac, IEEE 802.11 n.Product size: 90 ×90 ×90 mm.

a routing (HC5861) : price: 300 yuan.Product type: intelligent router.Web standards: 2.4 GHz, IEEE 802.11 b, IEEE 802.11 g, IEEE 802.11 n.Maximum transmission rate: 1167 MBPS.Modulation method: CCK, BPSK, QPSK, OFDM.Transmission power: 20 DBM.Antenna number: 3.Product size: 192.6 ×110 ×23 mm.

netgear R7000: price: RMB

.Product type: SOHO wireless router.Maximum transmission rate: 1900 MBPS.Antenna number: 3.Wireless security: the highest level of wireless security encryption WPA/connected.The WPS function: support WPS key encryption.Product size: 280 ×182 ×49 mm.Above

summary: everyone is small make up for clean to introduce various types of wireless router, a few and the parameters of the entire contents of the price from low to high, from low to high performance is also listed one by one to you, you can choose according to their own needs router, hope small make up the article can help you.

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