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How much to install optical fiber broadband, install fiber broadband detailed quotation

2018-01-04 15:43:27

to optical fiber broadband pay, we must to know something about the broadband communications.Common fiber broadband transmission by the media are commonly fiber, its signal converter is carried out through light cat.This kind of fiber optic broadband can send a lot of content at the same time, therefore it has the capacity of large.Don't worry about it because too much data and cause quality is bad, we are in the process of the Internet, as long as using the optical fiber broadband, mobile phone or computer or tablet, its efficiency is very high.

fiber-optic broadband?

fiber-optic broadband network is in a variety of transmission medium in one of the most ideal, it is the characteristics of large transmission capacity, transmission of good quality and low dissipation, long distance relay, etc.Is wavelength division multiplexing, optical fiber transmission using is the neighborhood of multiple user data using the PON technology tandem become high-speed signal, and then to different wavelengths of light modulation signal transmission in a single fiber.Optical fiber broadband and ADSL access difference is: ADSL is electrical signal transmission, optical fiber broadband is optical signal transmission.Optical fiber broadband and normal broadband speed comparison:


because of ADSL technology, asymmetric digital technology lead to TDD speed has asymmetric, speed is restricted, the highest speed 8 m, hence ADSL can't meet the market demand for access rate in the future.And LAN USES symmetric digital broadband technology, has a wider band, and variable bandwidth, can improve speed, speed can be greater than 8 m, even up to 150 m above.Broadband if package fee list:

(1) year, generally is to pay a year using free installation fees and the equipment cost.

shanxi taiyuan installation fee is used as the reference:

netcom 900 yuan package use of one year and die erste installation equipment.After a year later, 80 / per month.

telecommunications 600 yuan package use of one year and die erste installation equipment, after a year 40 / month.

fiber 10 m exclusive, 3000 yuan a month, usually in view of the unit, Internet cafes.Sign the contract die erste installation equipment wiring fees from more than one year.Small city, of course, the price will be lower, for example, I with a customer in jinzhong city 10 m fiber is only 1200 yuan a month.


Shanghai telecom optical fiber 10 m exclusive special line 8000 a month.

netcom personal is said to be cheaper around 4000 a month.

4000 is said to be a netcom intends to perform optical fiber to the home is expected next year, 15 billion yuan to start the news of dongfeng but when specific implementation also don't know, it is best to seek advice to local netcom business departments.This price is too opaque.But exclusive general not less than 5000 a month.

the advantages of fiber-optic broadband but few are also countless, we at the time of access networks, the average person will choose fiber, because of its capacity is very big, higher than normal rates of broadband work on several times, not only that, the broadband volume is small, very easy to install and transport.This kind of fiber optic broadband in terms of use, also won't be the interference of the thunderstorm weather, even the wind heavy current, also won't let the Internet Card "The symptoms?

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