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How notebook wireless Internet access [method steps]

2018-01-11 17:44:11

now believe that many friends are accustomed to using a laptop, the computer knowledge is not very good friends, notebook wireless Internet the problem becomes their problem, laptops, unlike desktop directly connected to the Internet can be used, because laptop computers are generally not fixed in a position or place, can be for us to carry a laptop to wireless Internet are the biggest play.Tell friends make laptops here several methods of wireless Internet access.


laptop with a wireless router is common online way, first you have to have a wireless router.Ann according to manual operation is set up, you can be in the notebook on the lower right corner connection wireless router.Remember a wireless router set up in good condition to set a password.

wireless router is fast, the advantages of online economy.As long as it can receive a wireless router, and where you can know the account password can surf the Internet.Without considering what traffic fees, the fastest speed all the way to the Internet at present.

weakness is scope limitation.To have been out on a business trip, such as on the train, bus.What I wanted to receive an email to park outside the temporary.Is not convenient.

unicom card used, slowly.If not do now.Now recommend using telecom 3 g card, specific can charges local business hall.There are a lot of packages to choose from.Price is more expensive, calculate by flow of money.Can only look at page, temporarily on a net and so on.Don't use this to look at the video.

advantage is that the Internet connection anywhere on the Internet, the disadvantage is that prices more expensive, speed and compared with the local routing, also slowly.

the last one is the WLAN recently on the Internet, now China mobile, China telecom has.CHINA mobile's call CMCC, CHINA mobile is CHINA - NET.More common in some large and medium-sized cities, now three line cities also have popularity.Use your laptop with a wireless network card can receive the signal.After receiving the signals, like click into the wireless router login, will allow you to enter your user name and password.After go in can start on the Internet.Many, many

faster than with the card, but not so stable.Prices are much cheaper than the card.According to the time.

above the laptop is wireless Internet access method, also is I can often use, friends can according to your own work environment, tourism and so on factors to choose a place for my own method of wireless Internet access.Actually the best aspect of notebook computer is that can bring, as long as there is a wireless WiFi can easily surf the Internet.It is also a kind of communication tools.Method to wireless laptop is just above.Hope to help you trapped!

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