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How switches are used, tutorial methods

2018-01-04 12:19:59
How do you use the

switches?This problem more common, in fact, switch setting method is relatively more, depends on the specific circumstances, the following switches to introduce how to use the tutorial method, hoping to help a friend in need.

to run on a computer Telnet client program (the program in Windows and UNIX, Linux system, and the usage is basically is compatible, especially in Windows

system of Telnet program), and log in to the remote switch.If we have set in front of the switch IP address is:

a, switches, how to set up the network equipment for

here small make up in assuming that you have applied for ADSL broadband telecommunications business, and it has been installed.A Shared LAN, please check your ADSLModem instructions, if support routing functions, then you can save money buy broadband router;On the other hand, this equipment is necessary;

in addition, the other is indispensable equipment switches, communication between the computer on which all transfer equipment;And each computer need to install a nic is responsible for receiving data, and urgent obituary father with weeds Lai ǖ resistant feeder lu 琌 K, basically that's it.And if you only have two computers, don't trouble, each in two computers directly to install a piece of card, with a network cable connected with respect to OK.

1, switch, how to set up: broadband router

broadband router has two function, role is a different network, another role is to choose the information transmission lines, it is the best solution for broadband connection sharing.With the advantages of easy to use, easy to manage, zero maintenance become the first choice of sharing Internet access.

select routers and choice of computer is a truth, first of all depends on the hardware.Hardware is the foundation of router operation, hardware model is good, high quality, the router is not only stable function, and function can be extended.Such as access to the computer number, average grade in the access router can support 100 PCS, and in addition to the Shared IP and routing functions but also has a firewall, time management, DMZ, and other functions;

such as the large capacity memory and flash memory again, can be routers provide strong processing capacity.Currently on the market, the brand of this kind of product, you can into the surrounding friends to inquire, what brand in the local reputation is good.More common are: friends (D - LINK), TP - LINK, ete technology, cisco, 3 com, huawei 3 com, etc.

2, how to choose and buy

switch, the hub of follow-up products, both on speed and have the function, is can't be matched by the former.Its main function is to realize multiple computers interconnection and interflow, quite a premise to text Middlemen "The role of.In domestic exchange market, because the number of different brands, different port switch price gap is very large.

so when the choose and buy, should choose according to their own actual situation, such as the choice of network mode, price, brand, like switches under such as appearance, also must pay attention to the various performance indicators switches, such as the number of interfaces, etc., generally speaking, 5 and 8 opening switches is preferred.

3, switch, how to set up the network card, network cable,

also referred to as the NIC card, its meaning is NetworkInterfaceCard (network interface card), its role is to switch how to set up the data into packets sent to the network again.On the market at present is mainly PCI interface card.On the other hand, we usually say 10 m card, 100 MB card, 10 m / 100 m adaptive network card and so on, mainly is divided according to the network adapter connection rate.

comprehensive described above, is the most mature choice now household PCI interface 10 m / 100 m products.Notebook is the use of PCMCIA interface card, the more expensive than ordinary PCS PCI card out of many, PCI card few yuan commonly can win, and PCMCIA usually 1, 200.

in respect of cables, do not have too much attention to.Are generally choose super five kind of twisted pair, everybody when buy, businesses will be based on your network type do joint for you, so don't worry about it.Cable price in terms of length, average of 1.5 yuan/m.2, switch, how to set of

: about equipment connection in front of

we have been clear to form such a network need what equipment, as well as the common sense of choose and buy of the equipment.How, then, according to the specific circumstances, and ultimately determine which devices yourself whether you need?The following is a possible situations: how

1, switch Settings: double machine direct said

is one of the computer connected to the ADSLModem, then through the network directly connected to another computer.If using this connection, you need on broadband access computers for Internet sharing proxy Settings, such as installing wingate agent software, to achieve double machine sharing access to the Internet.This is the most cheap network.

2, broadband router + card + computer

mainly use this way in the case of a Shared computer is not much.Because general broadband router provides four switch port, if the need to share the computer less than four, there is no need to spend money to buy switches.Specific connection mode is: ADSL broadband lines connect ADSLModem, direct twisted-pair cable connecting the Modem and router, other computers use cross twisted-pair cable can be connected to the router.

3 + + switch card, broadband router + computer

corresponding to the above, this way is in the Shared use of a computer is greater than the exchange broadband router port.Then you need to switch to help, and according to the number of Shared computer choose corresponding port of switch.That said, all Shared computer connected to the switch first, and then through the switches connected to broadband router, so as to realize sharing on the Internet.

4, how to set up: switch + card + computer

if you have broadband ADSLModem bring routing functions (please see the product specification), then you can save the router.This is the only difference with the above three ways.Connect more convenient, also don't need to set up, connect way is: ADSLModem LAN port to use twisted-pair and switches at any port connection, then the computer access switches, respectively, the rest of the ports.

pieces of cable directly connected is not the most economic way, although we only need to add 1 pair cable, 1 piece of card, the total price is up to no more than 100 yuan.A greatest weakness, but this approach is that the two machines on the Internet must be open at the same time, unless you use only the host on the Internet, otherwise, accumulate over a long period of electricity, save money ~ ~ ha ha that than other methods, so the proposal had better not use this way!

pieces with the method of switch/HUB, server.We can use the software such as SyGate who switched on Shared form of who will do the host, but also a potential problem, is when a host in advance that machine shut down, another machine in the network may disconnect, then if you this time is using the downloaded file to a half, ie if you are playing together & hellip;& hellip;Hehe consequences cans be imagined.

mixer adopts the broadband routing method.If you don't want to yourself, you can at the time of purchase broadband set up for you.At the same time the benefits of this approach and is stable.Is the most stable of all these schemes, this seems to have no objection.

there is energy, surf the Internet every time you don't need to dial, which are made by broadband routing automatically done for you, and broadband routers and bolt redial functions, save much trouble?The next is safe, you are exposed to the Internet IP is your IP routing, IP rather than the machine itself, so you will virtually be protected.Then there is no violation of the provisions of the telecommunications or netcom, even if he has limited the MAC address is also useless, because routing itself has a MAC address.

pieces first to connect the WLAN broadband cats and router port, you can use cat randomly with cables.

pieces in a direct line to the router Lan port connected to the switch UpLing mouth.Also use direct wiring switch port and the computer.This hardware environment is ready.If your machine is less, 2, 3, there is no need to add switches, using a direct line to the router Lan port connected with a computer.

pieces for the first machine, first set up your network parameters (right Online neighbors "- Properties throughout the &;- right click Local connection "- property - double-click it after find the TCP/IP protocol) : IP address:

subnet mask:


DNS: don't mind.

and then all the way Identify "Restart, need to restart.But is there a hint, you'd better to restart it.

pieces of the machine, such as the first, just the IP address into can.So on, the local area network (LAN) has been successful.Pieces of

set up the broadband routers, I think there should be a manual, I just make a brief introduction.Looking for a machine first, and then open the IE, in the address bar of input: enter later.Prompt you to enter your user name and password, see the instructions.Right after entering the routing configuration interface, Internet connection, if it's ADSL dial-up select PPPOE form, then need to enter your user name and password on the Internet.If it is directly assign IP IP directly form choice, for details please consult the ISP.More than

is switch how to introduce the related content in tutorial methods, hope to help you.

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